One response to “BBC NEWS | Health | Caesarean ‘raises womb-tear risk’”

  1. patty

    I have seven children ages 22 to 6. My first 3 children were born at a midwife clinic and my 4th had to be c section due to my blood platlets were very low. I cried and argued no csection but it had to be done. When I got pregnant with my 5th child the doctor kept insisting i have to get a csection I refused to have one also with my 6th and 7th they wanted the same thing and i said no. I always recommend to have natural child birth, also not to take the apideral. I had my six children with no pain medication. I believe its the best way the way it was intended before doctors found it easy for themselves. Women should try the natural way the best way do not let doctors push you into getting a csection just to hurry their time schedule. Honestly i would diffently recommend midwifes they stay with you at all times and help you during your most prescious time for you and your husband. I had my csection and my 5th child with regular drs thinking it would be better. I was wrong midwifes are so caring and helpful. I recommend this to my daughter in laws but they look at me wierd. When my daughters marry and get pregnant i hope they go with midwifes i sure will encourage them. Its so beutiful to see what comes out of your womb after nine months of morning sickness,stretch marks and big basketball as one of my kids discribed my belly with my last child(7th one).

    THank You,