Baby Bonus

Here is a quote from an article in today’s newspaper about the baby bonus.

I would like to question how is it possible to delay your birth? It is totally impossible to delay spontaneous birth. They are really referring to surgical intervention such as induction or planned section. Now if you are delaying induction it is obvious to me that you didn’t need it in the beginning.

It is totally amazing to me that people reading this article will give it no more thought that, oh that’s terrible instead of actually weighing up how possible it actually is. We are brained washed by propaganda and rhetoric, what is the world coming to. Read it for yourselves.

Baby bonus leading to fatter kids: economist

Posted Tue Mar 18, 2008 10:44am AEDT Updated Tue Mar 18, 2008 10:45am AEDT

A Canberra economist says an increase in the baby bonus could lead to unhealthier children.

Research by the Australian National University’s (ANU) Andrew Leigh and a colleague suggests the introduction of the baby bonus in 2004 led to more children being born overweight, because their deliveries were deliberately delayed to obtain the bonus.

Dr Leigh says a planned increase in the baby bonus from July 1 this year could produce a similar outcome.

“I think people are very familiar with the fact that premature and very light babies tend to have worse health outcomes,” he said. “But it’s actually also the case that very heavy babies also have worse health outcomes. “Undercooking is bad and overcooking is bad too.”

2 responses to “Baby Bonus”

  1. Su Dennett

    Lisa, I was given your contact at John Stevenson’s funeral and am delighted to see the content of your website. Every time I hear of another home birth I chalk up another 10 points on the celestial calendar of humanity and give thanks. I am eternally thankful for midwives and send you my gratitude from Hepburn where one of our midwives, Sally McCrae has been deprived of her livelihood and we women deprived of our birth assistance on an ongoing basis, something we will desperately need in a low energy future and that we need to learn about now. We need to reclaim our birthing power as women as the first step in creating a more radical homemaking and lifestyle.
    Yes to homebirth,
    yes to home death both natural processes that we need to embrace and celebrate.

  2. Dani Kerlin


    In reply to Su’s post- I had Sally as a midwife for the birth of my son many years ago. We have moved interstate and haven’t been in contact with Sally for some time- what did you mean when you said she had been “deprived of her livelihood”??