Birth At Home, The Safest Way

This is an excerpt from an article by Sheila Kitzinger called “home birth reborn” written about the home birth community in the UK. It adds weight to what we already know, that staying home is the safest way to birth your baby. Complications that arise from the hospital can be easily avoided just by thinking this statement through carefully.

For the first time there is official recognition of the dangers of hospital birth and the advantages of birth in an environment that a woman herself controls. It may not sound like a revolution, but it could introduce one if practice follows precept.

This next paragraph lends weight to Michael Odent’s statements that the higher the risk the more important it is for the woman to birth in her own environment.

The Albany Midwives (13) work in an area of London that has a rich ethnic mix and many mothers from a wide variety of cultures. They do not select out low-risk groups for home birth, but serve the needs of women of all kinds of social and medical risk, who are free to chose home birth. Becky Reed says that of 210 women they attended between January and December 2006, including three sets of twins, 46 percent gave birth at home; 82 percent had a spontaneous vaginal birth, 15 percent cesareans, and 3 percent ventouse or forceps; 93.6 percent of the women who gave birth spontaneously had no analgesia and 19 percent gave birth in water; 70 percent had an intact perineum; and there were no episiotomies; 73.5 percent had a physiological third stage; and 78.8 percent were breastfeeding exclusively at 28 days (B. Reed, personal communication, November 26, 2007.

This also suggest that for the 54 percent of women that didn’t birth at home continuity of midwifery care made all the difference to outcomes for both women and babies.

It is totally amazing to me that women who would research the purchase of their white goods until they were totally sure that their purchase suited their needs and they would get exactly what they are paying for are the same women that rock up to the first Obstetrician that they hear of, ask no questions and not even discuss their birth possibilities. Even when they feel they have chosen their path accept that their Ob won’t allow them to birth in any other way than is dictated to them. There is no shopping around no matching care provider with the desired birth experience and definitely no choice.