5 responses to “Cord Around The Neck”

  1. Anonymous

    "but the overwhelming attitude that we must save the day is outrageous."

    "I wish that midwives who work in hospital would fore go policy, procedure, fear and training ( which is there for all of us in some regard) and listen to women and believe in birth just a little more."

    very valid and true points! But the chokehold is so strong!

  2. Sara A.

    I have had four children, 3 induced hospital and last one at home, with just me and husband. ALL of them had cord around their neck. Hospital ones were like an "emergency" situation. However, while birthing my baby number 4, her cord was around her neck 3 times. I unwound it, and then the rest of her was out.
    I see cord around the neck quite differently than I did before. I am so glad nobody else was there, because I quite believe it would have been intervened upon immediately (ie., cut).

  3. Marie

    I had a Certified Nursing Midwife in the hospital with my first child. Labor seemed to progress well (altogether from first pains to birth was 6 hrs.), but when it came time to push he was not moving along as they thought he should. She had already burst the bag of waters and my midwife asked my permission to cut something (not the perineum, but some tissue inside?), thinking that was the problem. That didn’t help, then she found he had the cord around his neck and that it was very short. She thought it was necessary to cut the cord in order for him to come out, so I consented. He was born shortly after and thankfully had good apgar scores and no other problems.

    Have you ever came across a situation where it seemed necessary to cut the cord early?
    Do you think this was a legitimate procedure given the circumstances? I did not have a problem with it at the time, but have since wondered if it was necessary.

    I am now pregnant (3rd baby) and was wondering what could cause a short cord and if there was anything I could do to prevent it. Let me know if you find anything!

    Thanks for your articles, I’ve been reading them half the afternoon already!

  4. Lisa

    Yes – I did give birth in a hospital, my greatest fear was of losing her for any reason during birth. My parent’s firstborn died during labor because the cord was wrapped and pinched and they did not know until it was too late (they were not using any monitoring for heart beat, etc throughout the process). With my daughter, her heart rate was erratic, especially when I was on my left side. We did not know the cord was wrapped but suspected it due to her response to my movement and contractions. But thank god, I gave birth with a wonderful and trusting midwife. . . she did not yell “C section!” even when the baby’s heart beat was really not responding well. She trusted the process and gave us a chance for it to work. They did ask me to have a scalp fetal monitor, which I did, and was eventually able to give birth vaginally . . . the cord was wrapped 2 1/2 times and she was not breathing well. . she was a little gray-blue but not too bad, . the midwife unwrapped it and quickly told me she was going to put her on my chest and rub her vigorously with the blankets, which they did. . . . and then, breathing crying baby! What a relief! They did not cut the cord right away, after about 5-7 minutes I think. I am glad to have had the monitoring equipment, if I ever do decide to have a home birth I personally would want that to be sure the baby was safe.