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  1. I am Brooke...

    Oh my goddess. Wow, this is an amazing blog entry. I have never seen a twin placenta! That’s incredible.

  2. Grant Horsfall

    In 1971, after long term observation, Jane Goodall gave the first account of Chimpanzees leaving the cord intact, and carying the placenta with the newborn chimp.

    Her account in "In The Shadow of Man" also indicates mothers carry their infants on their body, co-sleep & suckle, for extended periods, ie years.

    So whilst the average ancient placental mammal may not have practiced Lotus Birth, it appears at least some of the more intelligent ones did…. along with aspects of Attachment Parenting it would seem.

    Grant Horsfall

  3. Lisa Barrett

    Thanks Grant, Do you know how long the placenta stayed attached for? What did they do with it afterwards?

    It’s always best to keep an open mind and keep rethinking options. Asking the questions and hearing all answers equally is the way to grow and learn.
    Lotus placenta never fail to amaze me with their grace

  4. Grant Horsfall

    I could only find extracts of Jane Goodall's "In The Shadow Of Man" online. These did not include the length of time for the Chimps placenta to come away or what was done with it. I did find a seperate reference to this book that indicated that the placenta & cord was left on the forrest floor once it came away.

    As for keeping an open mind, which may require a stretch also, there is the work of The Institute For The Study Of Peak States (ISPS)http://www.peakstates.com/ . I studied with the founder in early 2006.

    This research is based on their Developmental Events Model http://www.peakstates.com/model.html which expands on ealier "Triune Brain" model material. This extended model includes the existance of a number of "self aware" aspects of human consciousness ("brains")including one associated with the placenta.

    "…. The final self-aware brain structure is the placenta, and it is experienced at the belly button after birth. This precellular brain is present in the egg before conception, and expands to the womb wall after implantation. Like the sperm tail, after it's function is over it it reabsorbed into the baby. At first glance, one would expect that these brains would have no influence on adults. However, this is far from the truth – they are intimately involved with the feeling and state of 'wholeness'…. "

    It seems to me that providing the newborn a "Lotus Birth" may facilitate a smooth trauma free transition of the "placental brain" from the expiring placenta accross to the baby. As far as I know this has not been specifically researched as yet.

    However, people have apparently regressed to the time their cord was prematurely cut and experienced (& healed) the associated emotional & physical trauma.

    Perhaps the sense of "Grace" you have experienced with Lotus Births is associated with this Placenta Brain moving accross to the baby in their own time, rather than whatever happens when the cord is cut.


  5. Barbara

    Hi, just found this post, which answers my question under the twins video. I had a home birth 25 years ago, and am still learning about birth! Thanks for your openness, and to those who have shared these beautiful birth videos.