8 responses to “The Rebozo Technique”

  1. Natalie

    Wow, my baby belly looks so big from that angle lol! I loved this technique and was surprised how quickly it helped my baby to turn too, will be interesting to see if she has stayed in the best position.

  2. Alison Cole

    I know this is an older post, but would you mind sharing what you’re doing in the pictures above? Is mom rolling or are the midwives rolling her? Are her hips raised off the floor? Thanks for the pics…I’m so interested in learning more about rebozo.

  3. Kate

    My partner did this for me quite vigorously as my boy was lying ROP, and it felt great! I was a little concerned when my baby didn’t move for a while afterwards, but he started moving in a couple of hours. Maybe it had just lulled him to sleep. Anyway, next day I had a show, and 4 days later I gave birth at home before the midwife could make it there. My partner caught him. It was too quick to be as spiritual as the birth of my previous son, but it was marvellous to know we’d done it all by ourselves – with helpful advice from this site, obviously. :) It would be great if the video clip still worked to see how vigorously it is safe to do it.

  4. AP

    That looks pretty interesting!
    How do you know if it as worked?
    The Mexicans look like they are onto some good stuff.
    If this works, it would be a great technique to have in your arsenal. I guess the only issue would be, is it safe to do?

  5. stephannie james

    Thanks so much I’m a doula and always looking for new tools to help comfort my moms.
    I brought a rebozo at a conference and have not used it yet, but this gave me confidence to try it especially with a posterior positioned baby it was good to hear how fast and effective it worked. Please share more with us on how we can use this in labor. Hope you hurry and get the site running again so we can see the demonstration. The pictures were great.
    Loving Birth,SJ.