16 responses to “The Third Stage Of Labour”

  1. Midwifery is catching

    No gloves?

  2. Lisa Barrett

    No gloves necessary. Totally confident of woman’s blood status and not afriad to get my hands dirty..

  3. MsMoo

    These pics are great! and what gorgeous twins

  4. Linda

    The whitish protuberance in the second-to-bottom photo — is that a kink?

  5. Lisa Barrett

    It is Linda, a natural knotty bit.

  6. gen

    hi lisa and others.how long can i take to deliver un cut placenta naturally.i want to be left to rest and enjoy my baby (3rd)not hassled to produce a placenta?

  7. Lisa Barrett

    Hi, as long as you are not bleeding you can just wait as long as it takes. Your uterus will contract and you can push the placenta out.
    Usually this happens in about 30/45 mins but can be anything from 2 mins to 6 or more hours. All are fine.
    Just enjoy your baby and start suckling and it’ll all fall into place.

  8. gen

    thanks thats perfect.

  9. Jo

    Hi lisa
    at a recent antenatal class they said the baby wouldnt breath until the cord was cut? obviously this is not the case what is my best arguement if i am faced with this comment again?

  10. Lisa Barrett

    Hi Jo, The onus isn’t on you but them to back up why they would think such a ludicrous thing. How do they think babies survive who lotus birth or birth in the third world? I would just ask them why they think the cord needs to be cut to stimulate the baby to breath. In the time of randomised controlled trials you would expect that any practitioner would be able to site research to back up their thoughts.

  11. Chrissy

    Hi Lisa, interested in your thoughts..
    At homebirth (in UK) of my son, the cord was very short, so was cut quite quickly so could put to breast … now think wasn’t such good idea (he screamed and didn’t go for breast straight away anyway!)
    If cord really short again this time, what are some alternatives, as would really like to keep cord intact until placenta birthed.

  12. Lisa Barrett

    It is akward with a short cord just holding the baby as high as you can manage seems to work fine. If you are in the water and don’t want to get out, put a stool in after the birth so you are sitting a little higher. I have had to get a woman to stand after birthing her baby and the cord was around the neck and we couldnt move the baby without it going back under the water. she just stood up so we could lower the baby safely then used a little stool for her to sit on until she was ready to get out. Placenta’s can take hours to come out but in the main its more like 30 mins.

  13. Linda Q

    Hi Lisa, great pictures… can I ask, the ones on the bottom with that white around the placenta and then you peel it away, is that the skin of the placenta (excuse my ignorance I didn’t take any proper pictures of my bubs in my baby daze).
    Linda Q

  14. Lisa Barrett

    No it’s not the skin of the placenta it is part of the continous membranes.

  15. Anonymous

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks so much for this education on placentas! We are in the states planning an unassisted HB in a few short weeks. No midwife here for support where we live. I love your site and am eager for as much info as I can get. Any extra advice would be greatly appreciated.

    My baby has been in a persistent posterior position at least since 23 weeks. I am 35 weeks now. 4th baby. My biggest concerns are low lying placenta(which I do have and also soreness around placental site) and possible hemmorhage after the birth.

    On waiting to deliver the placenta you said
    “as long as you are not bleeding you can just wait as long as it takes.”

    But what if you are bleeding? Then what?
    Also what do you use for hemmorhaging outside of pit or cytotec (?) Any herbs that you have found useful? Sorry for so many questions. I desperately want to do this right and would prefer to be well prepared. Also thank you for the resus pages. Very helpful.


  16. Lisa Barrett

    Hi there, would you like to email me privately.