2 responses to “Anti D again”

  1. Raz

    Ok so I am RHnegative.. I am having my third baby.. The first two are both A- like me, Dad is 0+. I am concerned as I know Anti D is a blood product and that bothers me.. I actually had trouble getting it for 28weeks. Had the hospital tell me I had to come up with 2kids (3yr & 1yr) on a completely different day just to get a 2min injection. I told them I couldn't do that and I received all kinds of attitude.

    Then they did the bloods at my next visit at about 3pm in the afternoon and promptly told me that I need to have it as it will make it hard to have future children (a scar tactic I think that should not be used on someone that has had two miscarriages) and I could have the Anti D that day but I would have to wait till they got test results back. God only knows how long that would take so again I said that I couldn't do that (Because of 2 kids) Didn't want to be leaving the hospital at 6pm or later for a lousy injection.

    Sorry went on a tangent.. My problem is this I don't seem to be able to find out what my chances are of having a positive blood baby when I have already had 2 Children with Identical blood types as me.. Could you help me with this..

  2. Lisa Barrett

    The chance is the same every time.