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  1. Jo Watson

    Awesome, awesome video!!

  2. Jules

    Wow. Wow. Wow. Thanks for sharing this video!

  3. midwife of the plains

    Awe inspiring post. Do you have permission to share baby’s weight? I am curious.
    I am also curious if you have any criteria or use any risk assessment charts like the ElHalta assessment for breech birth?
    What a lovely birth.
    Thanks to the family for sharing. This kind of sharing will help keep breech birth alive.

  4. Rixa

    Thanks to you, Lisa, and to the wonderful family for letting us see a hands-off breech birth.

    It’s too bad you’re halfway around the world from me, because I’d love to have you for my midwife (no, not pregnant, but I’d love to be!)

  5. Stassja

    What an absolutley beautiful birth! I love how very hands off you were, not messing with the baby at all till she was out. What an amazing mama, congratulations to the family! Welcome Lilly! :)

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Lisa Barrett

    Hi Midwife of the plains. I’ve never even heard the a elhalta assessment tool.

    The baby weighed 8lb. The birthing woman is also an Independent midwife I’m sure she will comment for herself at some point.

  7. Sarah Stewart

    Completely off topic!


    Online seminar for midwives: What does professional activity have to do with midwifery competence?


  8. Rixa

    Valerie El Halta’s breech scoring tool is available here (you have to scroll down a bit to get to it):


    I’d like your feedback about it. Does it correspond well to the breech births you’ve attended?

  9. Midwifery is catching

    That is just amazing to watch and yet, perfectly normal. Esp the swearing ;) . And your accent!

  10. heather

    What a beautiful birth! Thank you for sharing this!

  11. Cinnamon

    I’m speechless with wonder! That was amazing and I want to thank everyone involved in allowing this to be shown. Just stunningly beautiful. Oh please, oh please, oh please Lisa make sure you pass your skills onto the next generation of midwives so that breech births can still happen the way they are supposed to.

  12. Lil

    Wow, what an awesome, beautiful video! Thanks for sharing (and thanks to the mother aswell!)
    Lil :)

  13. Sam

    Thanks for sharing Rose and Lilly :)

  14. midwife of the plains

    Thanks for posting this link Rixa. Valerie El Halta is a midwife who practices in Michigan, here in the US. She has a video called “Normalizing The Breech Delivery”. And it is about just that “delivering” a breech baby vs. breech birth. I believe she has offered up education on what works for her and I guess the mama’s she serves. I feel both her scoring system and her techniques are very hands on and conservative. With that said, I am so happy she put her video out there back in the late 90s. I am curious what your experience is Lisa wrt assessing a breech birth prenatally.

  15. The Koala Bear Writer

    Neat. I wish there were more midwives like you. I gave birth attended by a midwife in a hospital, but had my baby been breech, I would have been transferred for a C-section. A friend of mine trained as a midwife in the Phillipines and delivered hundreds of breech babies, said it’s easy and can be done. My biggest fear was that my baby would be breech – thankfully, she wasn’t. Midwives like you definately need to be training others. :)

  16. Crunchy Domestic Goddess

    amazing and so beautiful!
    i had a surprise footling breech birth at home myself, but didn’t get a video or pictures (other than one of a foot coming out) so it’s fascinating to me to see a bit of what my son’s birth likely looked like.
    thanks to the mom for allowing this to be shared. :)

  17. Lisa Barrett

    Hi midwife of the plains. I had a look at that assessment tool. I wouldn’t ve a woman in the antenatal period and definitely not to assess dilatation and station. Breeches often sit a little higher in the pelvis. Assessment is based on what the woman wants after she knows all the facts. If she wants a scan, we arrange that. Not many do but the option is there. If she wanted a physiological birth at the hospital I would fight for that(very rare). The breech in the video was flexed and plugging the pelvis well. She had a late scan for a potential heart problem,but we knew it was breech prior to the scan. It confirmed position and the cord around the neck. It also confirmed that the heart problem wouldn’t affect the birth and then would spontaneously right itself. Often with a flexed breech, bum and feet come down together and a foot appears first.

  18. Anonymous

    As a Mom who birthed my boy at home in the US two years ago, also a footling breech (after two cesareans for variations of breech), I thank you all. I literally lie awake at night thinking of plans to save breech birth, so if anyone wants to join me, I’d love to hear from you at craigiecarter at gmail.com.



  19. crunchymama

    I have to applaud twice!! Once for the video and once for your comments. Keep doing what you are doing, trusting birth.

  20. Tina

    Wonderful! Thank you so much to mum and you and baby Lilly for sharing :)

  21. Lisa Barrett

    Hello Anonymous, I tried to email you but it was rejected. Maybe you can email me from I profile. I’d like to get in touch

  22. Dirkey

    Thank you so much for posting! :)

  23. Kathryn

    Amazing! Amazing!! Thank you so much. Thank you to Mom for sharing a beautiful birth!

  24. Juniper

    i have just found your blog, and am really enjoying it! love the video!

    i gave birth at home last august, and my baby was unexpectedly breech. every day i thank my stars that my care providers were experienced with normal, natural breech birth.

    i am *very* concerened about how assisting a natural brrech birth is becomming a dying art, but feel helpless to know what to do about it!

    sorry 4 the lack of caps, am nakking said breech baby now lol!

  25. CountryMama

    Cheers on the most lovely birth and baby. I had a breech at home. My midwife, who kindly nearly always avoids vag exams in labor, saw my daughter was breech just moments before she was borne – and out she came. I didn’t know she was born bottom first until she told me a few minutes later. I LAUGH to think of how this most simple of births would have been fumbled by doctors, if the breech had been known. Thanks heaven for that…

  26. Rose

    I am the mum in this video, and i am so glad the video is spreading the world and the word, that breech birth is just a deviation of normal! I truely hope it makes a difference to both women’s and care providers view’s on breech birth, it’s NOT scary….. this video proves it!! Ask yourselves “Do You Truely Trust Birth, in all its variations?”
    Love Rose and Lilly xox

  27. Lisa Barrett

    Thanks Rose, I think you meant variation of normal not deviation. I totally agree with you.

  28. Rose

    Thanks Lisa, i most certainly did, in my mother-exhausted fog which i stumble around in ;)

    1. Ang

      It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up I am pathetic and have had 4 births already lol Well done Lady you was so brave and did everything the midwife wanted you to But well done to the midwife too Clam and experience help every time.

  29. busybusymomma

    Wonderful! I watched it with my nose to the monitor trying to see more! Thank you for sharing.

  30. Wondering Willow

    Thank you Rose for sharing such a sacred time. Lisa i am loving your blog thanks for being such a powerful voice

  31. KathyMarie

    Brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and this video (much thanks to the family as well)! I’m looking forward to the day when breech birth is seen as a variation of normal. Thank you!!

  32. Pamela

    i love you, lisa. thank you for all that you do.

  33. BTQ

    Profoundly beautiful! Thank you for sharing this video.

  34. mikelinz

    I loved the story, and having read Lily’s mothers birth story, it was beautiful to see her actual birth. and the most noticeable thing about the video is the peace surrounding the birth. No hustle or bustle or panic, just a quiet intimate birth. Please thank the family for sharing such a special moment with us. wow..

  35. Jen

    Thank you for sharing this and thank you so much to the mama. We need mothers to have more access to these positive messages about breech birth.
    Coalition for Breech Birth
    Ottawa, Canada

  36. Anonymous

    AWESOME Video and blog!!! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of that amazing experience.

  37. momomom

    My son was born 27 years ago and was a frank breech. It was a hospital birth and only luck of the draw allowed me to birth him vaginally as only 1 of the 4 doctors in that group had experience with breech births. Happily that doctor was on duty that day.

  38. Lucy

    thanks Rose for posting this, i too had a breech home birth on new years eve, it was great to see how it actually happens, it was easily the best thing i haver ever done, and I often catch myself thinking about it and getting very proud! PS – I also swore lots! (not because he was breech but because that’s the way I seem to labour)! I am very happy to talk to anyone considereing breech birth etc, please do get in touch.

  39. Beth

    I’ve just found your blog, and that video is amazing. I really am speechless. Please thank that mother for allowing that video to be posted!! I delivered my frank breech son at a birthing center in the US, but it was kind of a wild party. We had the EMT guys called to transport me to the hospital, but my breech baby was out in 20 min, thank God. So they kind of turned into a cheer leading squad for me. Anyway, I would be interested to know what the breech book it was that you gave to the mother to read (or was it a different birth I read about?) Either way, I would love to read that book as I am an aspiring midwife.

  40. Anonymous

    My only criticism of this blog (like many similar homebirth website I have found) is that you confuse ANECDOTES for EVIDENCE. Just because your sister, or friend, of this lady on the internet had a safe breech birth at home does NOT mean, statistically, that vaginal breech births are “safe” for everyone, or that they are just as safe as c/s breech deliveries in hospital. There are several large, well-designed, published trials showing contrary to this. But for some reason you people always seem to ignore actual evidence, and, rather than refute it with your own evidence, throw more and more anecdotes into the argument instead.

    The argument is akin to: sharks are known to be dangerous creatures, swimming with sharks is reported to be dangerous, but I’ve heard that some people occasionally survive shark attacks… ergo swimming with sharks is safe for all

    You people need some education in stats, how to read the literature, principles of relative vs absolute risk, etc, etc.

  41. Lisa Barrett

    Thanks for your comment. You sound so much like Dr Amy it’s uncanny. The absolute risk of C/S is highter than vaginal birth by at least 2ce. Please feel free to critique the large study and send it to me. If you mean the Hannah trial there is so much written on the methodology and results that it has been acknowledged that it was terribly flawed. There is not a single birth of any sort that doesn’t carry risk. I have never pretended otherwise. It is not just about the experience, your arguments are scrappy and repeatative, insults are simply used because you have no solid facts. If you ever posted something that was sound, I would be more than happy to publish it. You would rather slander people than deal with any real facts.

  42. Lisa

    Thank you so much for allowing us to view what was a wonderful home birth, despite the fact lilly was breech!

    I had a baby boy in march, he was an undiagnosed breech, i was rushed from a lovely midwife run ( only 6 beds) hospital to a busy town hospital. Midwife in tow, with a delievery bag and husband following in the car! Scared and unsure of what was happening I had a natural delievery with the assistance of an epidural. I was told this was essential as it was likely i baby would get stuck and i would be rushed to theatre. Is that true?!!! I would have prefered to have continued with gas and air?!

    It was all slightly overwhelming I ended up with a two doctor a trainee and two midwifes all just watching. Since then I have been fustrated at the fact i felt i missed out on what actually happened. I have been trying to find a video of a breech birth to see how he was born. My baby actually came out bottom first instead of foot but i feel reasured that should i have another breech delievery it doesn’t have to be as hectic, worrying and stressful as last time!

    So a very big thankyou for allowing me to see your wonderful experience. If anything it has shown me that it not as terifying as it felt at the time. You have reassured me that breech can be just as calm straight forward.

    Good luck for the future with your new addition.

  43. Aimee Broadbent

    I wish I had video taped my memories, I do have pics so that is nice. My little girl was frank breech and we birthed after having to drive out of state and wait for 9 days for her arrival. In the USA there are very little choices for a woman having a birth undrugged and fastley approaching uncut, unless you are ready to search out the safe havens that midwives, birth centers and home births provide. Great video and wonderful encouragement!

  44. Jenny

    Oh, what a beautiful birth! Thank you, and the Mum, so much for sharing it with us.

  45. Anonymous

    Thankyou so much for posting this video. I had a footling breech (twin 2) 27 years ago and I always wondered what it was like. Twin 1 (we already knew) had a severe neural tube defect incompatible with life and my main concern was to be awake in case he died shortly after birth. I had an epidural so that even if I needed a C-section, I would be awake. All went well and twin 1 died in my arms at 4 days. Twin 2 had a cleft lip and palate, but that seemed relatively trivial (he’s now a thriving adult with a very pleasant disposition).
    I still remember seeing his foot ;-)
    I stayed anon because it’s his story too.

  46. April

    Thank you!! Thank you Lisa, Rose & Lilly.
    I have tears of joy and admiration streaming down my cheeks after watching your video.
    Thank you for spreading awareness of breech as normal, and that birth is to be trusted and allowed to happen uninterrupted.
    Words cannot express the way watching Lilly's birth has touched my heart. I thank you.

  47. Sarah

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have tears in my eyes. My daughter was born 2 months ago, at home, frank breech position, with some assistance from our midwife.
    Thank you so much for spreading the word. Babies can be born breech!

  48. Anonymous

    I want to be a homebirth midwife who is skilled in ‘watching’ breech birth. I live in Seattle but can go anywhere if you know of someone I could spend some time with to learn from. I will be a midwife in 2011, and a naturopathic physician. I am in school now at Bastyr University – 2 more years! Please if you have any leads, tell me michele.sayball@bastyr.edu I want to help woman who choose to have a normal variation of birth. They deserve it and they do not deserve to have that choice made for them by society. Help me normalize this. Help me learn! Thanks!! Thanks for all you do for woman and babies!!

  49. Anonymous

    I am the mother of a beautiful baby girl. She was born in a hospital and I would not have done it any differently.
    I personally believe that home birthing is selfish. It may be more relaxing for you and your partner but you are putting yourself and your baby in danger.
    The most common reason I hear for the decision to have a home birth is because it’s more natural and the way that nature intended it. However, if you think reasonably you will realize that back when drugs and hospitals were not available many mothers and infants died in childbirth. It was not uncommon for this to occur. I find it incredibly selfish for anyone to put their child at risk when you can deliver in a hospital where the risks of birthing are significantly decreased.
    Many hospital birthing centers are made to be very comfortable. The hospital I delivered in had made a great effort to do this. They had beautiful flowers and other decorations. The rooms were dimly lit and they had plenty of furniture in the room to accommodate family and friends. The nurses were very absent unless needed so we could have plenty of family/quiet time as soon as my daughter was born. All in all it was a wonderful experience and I found comfort in knowing that if there were complications that my daughter as well as myself would be safer and have the best, most innovative care.

  50. Lisa Barrett

    Dear Anonymous, why didn’t you put your name to this. Please back up your statement that homebirth puts you and your baby in danger. If you were to look for yourself you will see the spike of mortality that happened in the industrial revolution was due to citification. Hygiene and nutrition, the two things most affected by this caused way more problems than anything. Prior this time the linear stats were in a different direction. I find it incredibly selfish of anyone to put their new born baby through potentially fatal interventions with no fore thought. Check out the perinatal stats they don’t back up anything you say.
    You found comfort in the sheep approach and that’s ok. It should be the womans right to chose to do their own research and take an individual and personal approach to the most important thing that will ever happen in a womans life.

  51. not a GGG

    what an awesome video. i am just starting out as a midwifery student with a veiw to do homebirths once i am qualified. i was deemed as a high risk prenancy and had my babies in a hospital so i am very interested in learning as much as i can about natural births that would not have happened naturally in a hospital setting

  52. ?Teresa?

    Wow! thanks for sharing-

  53. Anonymous

    Firstly, thanks so much for this educational opportunity. Secondly, I must say that those who choose homebirth are doing so after considering the best interests of their baby and their family. There is nothing selfish about birthing in the place that research suggests is actually safer in your particular situation – for both mother and baby. I birthed at home because I knew better than to subject my child to a risky birth in a hospital.

  54. Caroline

    Hi Lisa. I'm a mum in London, 35 weeks pregnant, baby is breech (sitting on his feet at this point), and he's HUGE — his estimated weight 3 days ago was 6 lbs 14 oz! He was 99th percentile in both head circumference and abdominal cicumference. (I don't have gestational diabetes or any other issues that would be likely to cause him to be so big, but my husband was 4.2 kg (approx 9.25 lbs) at birth.) I've been doing exercises, acupuncture and moxibustion for last 4 weeks to try to turn baby but no luck so far. If he doesn't turn, they want to do a c-section. They also say that they will want to induce me around 38 weeks if he is head-down but still growing so quickly. I STRONGLY want to have a natural birth, but I'm concerned that if he is both breech AND huge that it will be impossible. Do you have any experience with delivering very large footling breech babies? Do you know of any good resources here in the UK? Thank you!!!

  55. Lisa Barrett

    Hi there, Scan is a highly inaccurate way of measuring the baby. Aims have a fanstic book on Breech written by Jane Evans. You could try and get in touch with her she is an Independent midwife and her and I were recently speaking on Breech in Canada.
    I wouldn't be induced as funnily enough women who have big babies have HUGE vaginas.

  56. margarita

    hello, like caoline, I have also been trying diverse excercises positions and moxibustion, just turned 37 weeks and baby is still breech. I moved to spain just before getting pregnant and then managed to find some amazing independent midwives for a home birth, the only snag is that a breech birth is categorized as a pathological presentation here in spain and hence it is illegal for my midwives to attend me at a home birth. my gynecologist is so far not planning a csection until i go into labour,but I know he would prefer one to try a vaginal birth(estimated wieght a week ago 3.7kilos). do you know what the risks are if all has progressed well for the head to become stuck?
    I have had such a great pregnancy so far but these last 2 weeks have been very hard trying not to get upset and failing- i am scared of having a csection and all the hospital interventions.I can’t help but think that my emotions are also affecting my baby and its almost like a viscous circle.
    thanks to rose for sharing this video, more neeeds to be done to reinstate breech births and non assisted births in general as the normal way to give birth, women were made to give birth and somehow we have been convinced that we need intervention to succeed at it.

  57. Lisa Barrett

    Just this week I attending an amazing double footling breech birth. Nobody can do a section on you without your permission. I would try a lay midwife.

  58. Jennifer

    I know this post is an older one – but THANK YOU so much for posting it! I totally echo another person’s comment – now that I’ve had a vaginal breech birth, I just feel this drive to “save breech birth” for all the women to come after me!!!

  59. Anonymous

    I thought it would take another push to get the head out. I was so excited to see the arms and head come out in one push! hehe.

  60. BB CACHR

    I’m a midwifery student just about to finish 1st year and I decided that I really wanted to keep the skill involved in delivering breech births naturally alive- so THANK YOU for this video! I teared up watching the video and again when I read all the comments from women who share my passion. no matter how many births I see – in person or on video- I am always amazed at the fluidity and wonder of a woman’s body. And it makes me proud to be a woman. Please continue to do what you are doing. It’s good and necessary work. We were made with all the ability to birth and it’s time we took it back from the medical establishment for uncomplicated pregnancies. And that includes increasing the definition of “normal” back to what it should be!I can’t wait to graduate and meet all you lovely midwives at conferences and discuss ways to enlarge our borders! Happy Birthing and Thank you for inspiring us all Rose and Lily.

  61. Helen (Welch)

    Hey Lisa, We met in Ottawa last October though I would remember you more clearly than you me!! I am a British midwife working hard to get vaginal breech birth back on the table here in the Pacific NW. I am presenting at the Martha Browning Bryant memorial lecture in October 2010 here in Portland. And I WANT WANT NEED (!!!) video footage of a spontaneous, hands off, vaginal breech to show the midwives. Most will never have seen a breech birth let alone a spontaneous one and I want to demonstrate how, if they are the only person there in an emergent unplanned breech (which right now is the most likely one they will see) they should not panic but get the mother up and keep hands off. I wanted to get a hold of the video showed by Frank Louwen in Ottawa but am not getting replies from the OB’s or from Betty Anne. I have Maggie Bank’s book to use as a tool but the videos are so powerful. Is there anyway i could use your videos posted online here? Could I buy a DVD from you? The $ could go towards something you need to keep doing what you do (birth should never really be for sale!) Thanks for even considering this request. I would only use the video at this lecture and you could place any restrictions you thought necessary….hoping to hear from you even if your answer is no!! Helen

  62. Amanda

    Wow, what an amazing, awesome video! I just had to say thank-you so much to both yourself and the family for posting! This is totally inspiring and beautiful and has made me less afraid if my baby doesn’t turn and the fact that I can still have a successful natural delivery. Thank-you!! ~Amanda.

  63. Susan Peterson

    I had 9 kids; the first one was a section because my membranes were leaking and induction didn’t work. I finally had my homebirth with the fourth and all the rest were born at home.
    They all came headfirst but were large; one was 11 lbs and one almost 13.

    I just thought you would want to hear this comment from an older OB back in 1977. He said he had just attended a conference out on the west coast (of the US) and they were talking about delivering all breeches by C section. “I have delivered hundreds of breech babies and they were all fine. The young doctors won’t learn how to deliver a breech and then they will have to be sections. Why bother being an obstetrician? We are just supposed to be surgeons now, I guess.”

    We probably wouldn’t agree with some of his birth practices, but he did know that breech babies come out! You hear women now saying “My baby and I would have died if I didn’t have a C section-he was breech.” That is what they are telling them.
    Susan Peterson

  64. Cordelia

    The most beautiful and wonderful thing I have ever seen. Whilst I was fortunate enough to deliver 3 children naturally, it was only the 3rd, that was in a birthing suite. Plus there were many unnatural and unnecessary unterventions with my first 2 children as they were both about 12 days overdue. An amazing midwife, Julie Pratt, gave me so much insight and empowerment about giving birth, but unfortunately, I was whisked up to “labour and delivery” with my first because I had meconium in the waters. Anyway my children are 12, 8 and 6 now and all is well. I covet the calm, independant and nuturing experience of Lilly’s birth at home. Can’t wait to show the video to my girls, when they are ready and will definately help them to be more informed when they are pregnant. Thank you for keeping an age old experience as it should be. Kind regards

  65. Helen Loucado

    Thank you so much to the family and to you, Lisa for sharing this video of this beautiful birth. Your patience was impressive and the calmness in the room outstanding. Thanks for a lovely demonstration of one the many faces of normal birth.

  66. Leah

    WOW, truly amazing to see that.
    I had an unexpected footling breach home birth, i was home alone on the phone to 000 (in Aus), my gorgeous little girl had both her feet dangling over the toilet bowl and after 15min of pushing arrived safely on the floor 5min before the ambulance arrived.
    I was told had i been in hospital i would have had no choice but to have a c/s.
    It;s wonderful to see there are people out there that trust in and believe the strength of a woman and her body and her right to birth however she wants.

    More than happy to share my birth story, i have the audio of the 000 phone call and have written it on a parenting forum also.

    Keep up the great work.

  67. Sarah Johnston

    One word “BEAUTIFUL!!”

  68. leonie valeska lange

    Dear Lisa,
    thank you so much for all your work you do and love you give!
    Congratulations too for your answers full of wisdom to the few ladies who don’t understand about the freedom and responsability a woman have, when she want’s to give herself and her child the chance and try to be born by natural way.
    I just wanted to sugggest a tiny idea about breech pregnacy.
    I often observed amazing results with giving the women a morning drink of water where 7 riverstones (this tiny round stones coming fresh from a waterstream) rested overnight into.
    one cup on empty estomach is enough every morning, this together with certain exercises helped in lots of “cases”.
    With lots of respect for you,

  69. Maggie

    Thank you to Rose for sharing Lilly’s birth. without evidence of normality like this we will never turn the tide, thank you x

  70. Laura Lee

    my first four delivery was natural birth…never come in my mind or be prepared dat i would had complication during my 5th delivery..i had an emergency c-sect immediately perform as half way through my labour my baby didn’t have much movement n was worrying d midwife n nurses. in d end when my gynae checked when i was about 6cm dilated, my baby hand come out first..i had to be wheel into d o.t n immediate c-sect..i was advise not to have anymore pregnancy as i was high risk wth my 4th pregnancy..my gynae immediately done d tubal ligation as well..

  71. Alex (student midwife)

    Gobsmackingly beautiful, graceful and stunning. Thank you so very much for sharing.

  72. Zuleika Firousi

    Thank you for posting this. I have been very lucky that all my children turned in time, but more than once I was told, ‘you’ll be having a C-section if…’. Where is my choice? I have been lucky also to have had a brilliant tutor during my medical training. And I have seen breech births, even one with the baby’s arms above the head. Yes, the delivery took a bit of negotiating, but both mother and baby were fine and able to go home within hours. It would have been a different story if she had been forced to have a C-section.
    My cousin, a male midwife, has delivered ten breech babies, but has found the gender prejudice a lot harder to deal with than an upside down baby.
    Perhaps you are right, we are getting old and training our successors is getting lax. It’s too easy to go for surgery and too scary to let nature continue as it has always done. My belief is that birth is a normal bodily function, and let’s leave C-section for the real emergencies.

  73. Rose

    I’m the mumma in the video- thankyou to everyone for your lovely responses.

    I wanted to come back to this to briefly add my perspective of birthing a breech and since, a head-down baby; despite my breech birth being my 1st, I found pushing far easier than with my cephalic baby! It’s wasn’t anywhere near as intense, as I didn’t have that ‘bowling ball being dropped for a height’ feeling- which is so very intense with a head down baby!!!!
    With my breech it seemed a lot slower and more controlled (as in, I was in control), compared to my cephalic bubba where I felt like my body was SO powerful it just took over and I just had to hang on for the ride!
    My 2 labours were very similar in length and pushing time so that is the only difference I can find?!

    I would love to know of others’ experiences?

  74. Nina

    Wow, what an amazing video…. thank you so much to the Mum for sharing! Our baby girl is breech right now and I am completely confident that our midwife and I can do this, she still has time to flip but I’m sure she’ll come out in whatever position is best for her. Thank you again!


  75. Susan Peterson

    I just watched this a couple more times and it is amazing! Thank you both for sharing it.

    But I have a question, not really about the breech birth, but about something else I think I am seeing in the video. It looks as if there is some sort of tube coming up and taped to the mother in two places, in the top of one buttock and just to the left of her lower spine? I am extremely curious about what that is, if it is something both Lisa and Rose are willing to share.

    The first couple of times I watched the video I was so focused on the baby I didn’t see it.

    I also wanted to ask; is this a “footling” breech because the foot came first? Or, even when the breech is presenting at the cervix, does the foot sometimes come down ahead of it once it is in the vagina? I know that “footling” breeches are characterized as more difficult and dangerous than “frank” breeches, but if this is a footling breech, it seemed to come off very simply.

    What about those presentations where the baby is sitting cross legged on the cervix? Do they uncross their legs with labor and come down like any other breech? Or …what?

    Susan Peterson

  76. Lucy

    Hi Lisa
    Please don’t call it the ‘sheep’ approach when a woman chooses a hospital ceasarean section over a home birth when a breech birth is expected. If it is all about the woman’s choice, then you probably need to respect the woman’s choice. Just because it might not be what you would have chosen, it is still the woman’s choice. I am possibly having my baby tomorrow and certainly don’t need my confidence undermined. I have made my choice first and foremost for my baby’s sake. As much as I was looking forward to a natural vaginal birth, it probably won’t be happening, and that is my choice!
    From Lucy

  77. Katie

    Hello Lisa! I’m a sophmore in high school taking a child develpement class. I think your decision is courageous and strong. I’m glad you have confidence in your own body to do what it was meant to. I hope Lilly is a happy little girl (which I’m sure she is) and that home birthing is an option you will make clear to other women.
    And to those who are assuming certain things out of comments from Lisa, like her criticizing the hospital birth, it is just her opinion! She isn’t trying to make anyone feel bad and she is just defending herself when she feels she needs to.
    Again, thankyou for putting this video out. What a beautiful and successful birth! Best wishes to your family and you! <3

  78. Rose

    Lilly was a complete breech with her legs in the ‘yoga’ position.

    I have a TENS machine on my back, for pain relief. It was very effective, although by transition/pushing stage of labour it was useless ;-)

    Lilly is a beautiful nearly 4yo!! Very strong minded, determined, and thoughtful red-head <3

  79. Danielle

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. What a wonderful hands-off approach, that worked! I am researching natural breech birth because I am 31 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby and he is breech at the moment. My other babies have all been head down at this stage so even though I have a few weeks left for him to turn I am preparing myself in case he doesn’t. I have delivered all my babies naturally and I now insist on hands-off. I am/was unsure whether I would be confident enough to decline medical intervention but your video has given me some reassurance. Thank you.

  80. Vanessa

    Oh so precious! I almost cried when he came out so quickly at the end. I had a breech unassisted homebirth and it was wonderful. It’s amazing to me how natural it was and how my body and baby knew how to do it perfectly. It was my easiest, quickest labor.

  81. Rick

    I have a very good 20 year old friend that is about to pop and have been worried sick because it’s her first one and her boyfriend is a dummy. Now I know she can do it on her own if push comes to shove. Thanks to both you and the mother.

    Oh by the way she is going to home birth. Hospitals got to many bad bugs in them.

  82. Rachel

    What a centred, sensible, tuned-in, well-supported Mum. You are a blessed little girl, Lilly!

  83. Tasseua

    An absolutely beautiful video!!! It looks so effortless (though im sure it wasn’t quite as much) I will definitely be keeping the visualization of this video in my mind to help me push out my breach baby shortly! Thankyou for sharing such a precious moment! ;-D

  84. Kylie

    Inspirational, thanks so much for sharing! I’m currently 38 weeks & our baby girl is breech (frank), she has not changed position at all through the entire pregnancy so I accept that this is probably the way she’s going to stay & am all for vaginal breech birth, it’s just a normal variation, but living an hour & half away from the big smoke & not having any independant midwives in the area (rural remote) we are not confident to homebirth in case things go pear shaped during labour, that’s ok, the hospital have agreed that we can breech birth vaginally there as the consultant has a lot of breech experience, up to 41 weeks anyway then they want us to caesar… of course we don’t know if any of the midwives who will be on duty at the time do have breech experience, but here’s the thing, the consultant has said if things are not progressing during labour quickly & to her satisfaction we will have to have an emergency caesar & this is the thing that is starting to make me feel anxious, what is the standard of quickly & to satisfaction? Why does it have to be quickly if there is no distress to our baby, or maybe we are just being given the worst case scenario & there is no need to worry. I know my body can do this & we don’t need surgery, but I am starting to get frightened that our natural birth will be taken away at the last minute, & just wondered if you could help me with some thoughts on how to stop that from happening? I would really appreciate your advice, thanks so much.

  85. KH

    Hi Lisa,
    I am currently 39+6 weeks pregnant and this is my 3rd baby. My previous births have been 100% natural with no intervention. This Bub decided to turn to a transverse lie position at 38+4 weeks (after being head down for ages) and has now moved to a complete breech position. I am currently in hospital under observation as bub is not locked in yet and may move again. A c-section is being suggested though I am refusing to go down this track at this stage. Until being hospitalised (very frustrating) I was trying Chiro and acupuncture to help shift bub. My Ob is away this week and I know he can deliver a breech and also try turning bubs but he may not be back in time. I don’t trust the doctor who’s care i am currently under and know that he’s hesitant to deliver a breech naturally. Do you have any advice or suggestions for me as I am searching everywhere for advice/info so I can make the best decision poss for me and bubs. I certainly don’t want a c-section if I can avoid it.

  86. PromiseJubilee

    Thank you so much for posting this! Most of the other breech vaginal deliveries I’ve seen (on Youtube mostly, but also from various Facebook pages) have been very difficult to see what’s going on or hear what the midwife is saying. This was amazing!! To see the baby twitch a little when the first leg is birthed, and then actually HEAR it crying immediately after birth was so encouraging! You never get to see/hear that part. Really appreciate it. :)

  87. Sunflower

    The thing is if people within the Medical Industry really want newborns delivered in hospitals, medical centres and birth centres. But not at home.

    They will pay for someone to come up with statistics. They will then have those statistics passed of as the truth to society.

    So that Society ends up with people within society-pushing there opinions on others in society. On how they feel that homebirth or freebirth are selfish and dangerous options for newborns and mothers.

    Because they feel only Hospitals have the equipment and staff with expertise needed to save a newborn who ends up being born sick, when a baby who was healthy in pregnancy is born sick as a result of childbirth gone wrong.

    The Same people who believe those People within Society/And Those Within The Medical Industry who think of HomeBirthers/Free Birthers. & those who don’t vaccinate as selfish people.

    Are the same people who would rather believe In there own opinions & only certain opinions of others, that they wish to accept.

    Rather then accept. That there are people who will make informed and educated Choices, when it comes to HomeBirth/FreeBirth or the refusal to vaccinate.

    And they also refuse to see. That there are people who are willing to make informed & educated choices in other areas of life. Even if those choices are not what everyone in Society is willing to accept.

    Everything we hear is an Opinion, not a fact.
    Everything we see is a Perspective, not the truth.
    ~Marcus Aurelius~

    None are more unjust in there judgements of others
    Than those who have a high opinion of themselves.
    ~Charles Spurgeon~

  88. Anna O'Hare

    I would just love to say thank you for bringing me back to reality. I have 4 beautiful children which I have had a hospital thinking that is the best place for having children because what if something goes wrong ??? well I am with my 5th child and in a new area no family around and a husband who might not be here if I go into labour and I am thinking ahhhhh what do I do. how do I get to hospital ahhhh the baby will die…… etc etc thank you for reminding me that women have been having children for a long time now
    without the aid of a hospital and that if I need to have the baby at home it will be all good. thank you for setting my mind at ease. You are a beautiful person and Thank you for sharing your storys. You have no idea how much worries you have taken off my shoulders.

  89. Allison Croft

    Thank you for sharing Rose. Your state of calm and centeredness is a real inspiration. I’m sure I’m not alone but I cried while watching this. The journey of a baby entering the world from a strong, trusting woman’s body is the most beautiful thing. Well done to you all! xx

  90. Angel

    Why is the “hands and knees” position used for breech births?

  91. Ceri

    Hi Lisa,
    I’m a student Midwife from the South Wales valleys and loved hearing the accent on the video. and what a video!! Wow!! Congratulations to the family and thankyou for sharing. Truely Inspirational x

  92. Tara

    So lovely!! It’s wonderful to see births were the provider trusts the mom to be able to birth her baby.

  93. karen

    thankyou for sharing this video and thanks so much to the mum and family that permitted it, which really brings home how natural a breech birth can be.

    As mums, we never get to see our babies process of delivery, just feel it. It’s wonderful to see the process.
    I was interested to hear of physician, Dr. Fischbein, USA, who promotes natural birthing and women’s choices, and his vision to set up a birth centre with an operating theatre attached so that possible needs that might arise could be met in the one place.
    I realize its not the same as home birth, but a positive step from someone originally trained in obstetrics.

  94. Sara

    Beautiful and Inspiring