4 responses to “Coffee Meet April 2008”

  1. Emma Someone

    Ooooh look I’m famous!

  2. Lil

    Hi Lisa,
    Randomly stumbled upon your blog and I think its just fantastic. I am a student midwife doing my graduate diploma in midwifery in Brisbane. I love all the interesting midwifery articles you include in your blog and also the pictures. What a great, informative blog :) Thanks!
    Lil xox

  3. Lisa Barrett

    Thanks Lil, if you have anything you think I should talk about that’s not included please leave a comment in share your thoughts and I’ll try and do something.

  4. FeltUp

    Hi Lisa
    i would like to attend a coffee morning (have heard about them by many friends)
    but i dont know when or where the next one is?