2 responses to “Caesarean Babies More Likely To Die”

  1. Sheridan

    I am loving your blog. Your comment about would it be ok if you substituted home birth is very telling!

  2. Jeannine Laplume

    I have had 5 ceaserian sections all in a row one year after each other and as you can see I am not dead and neither are my five children. In fact my oldest is going to be 36 years old in June 2012, my second child will be 35 years old May 2012 my third child will be 34 January 2013 my fourth will be 32 september 2012, and my fifth child just turned 30 on March 17 , 2012. I thank God for all of them and they are all healthy and three of them serve our Country, in the military and one is a teacher in high school and one is a writer. My husband of 37 years and I are very proud of them all. You can’t believe every thing that books tell you You must believe in God who makes all things happen.
    A happy mother
    May God Bless you