Homebirth Information Evening

Tonight was the homebirth information evening run by the Birth matters consumer group. A few weeks ago The Homebirth network held a similar homebirth information session. This one seemed to be a lot more informative.

The homebirth network seemed to give an evangelical picture of homebirth where as the Birth matters group gave simple solid information reiterating that ANYONE can homebirth. I am an active member of both groups so my assessment is unbiased.

What did it include? Well the information was delivered by some of the members of the group. The talks included, why homebirth, who can homebirth, how can you get a homebirth and why would you consider changing venues to a hospital setting if you’ve planned to birth at home.


We gave out information sheets, a cd of resources, a list of independent midwives and a Birth matters magazine. I am proud to be involved with information giving and sharing. We all do it in our own time as volunteers. We considered long and hard what if anything to charge for our sessions to cover our costs. As a not for profit organisation we constantly struggle for funds to continue giving birth choices for women. I think people definitely got value for money. There were lots of couples there, but also parents of pregnant women student midwives and other independent midwives supporting the cause.


We showed a film called Milla’s journey, it’s a South African film which is ok. It shows a regular everyday (not hippy) couple planning and the birthing at home. As midwives we ummed and arhhed about a few things in the film, but the consumers didn’t notice anything and the over all message was fantastic. We also showed a clip of Marsden Wagner talking the talk about how his first homebirth gave him a paradigm shift into real birth. He is a well known well known Doctor who was involved with the WHO. Yay for his passion and eloquence.

This week has been great, a birth earlier in the week and a great evening getting the word on birthing safely in the comfort of your own home with a loved birth attendant.

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    Just had to comment that we are a spunky looking lot!