Kangaroo Mother Care

midwives-croppedAnyone regularly looking at this blog may start to notice that in all the talks and information sharing we do some of these faces just keep on reappearing. This picture is a mixture of the midwives, students and reflexologist who all made our meeting so vibrant.

At the meeting some students gave us a talk on Kangaroo mother care: (the picture came from their handout, although it’s a hospital it is interestingly showing a dad)


This is constant skin to skin between mother or father and baby. Exclusive breast feeding and support to keep the mother and baby as a unit. The talk was well informed and really interesting although the students were of course preaching to the converted. To me it is just common sense and the obvious thing to do for all mothers and babies not just those with issues. The only thing I found a little underwhelming was that the students in their presentation suggested it was initiated in 1979 by a Dr Edgar Rey. What about all the other thousands of years that women instinctively did this? I assume that it didn’t count because a Doctor hadn’t put his name to it yet! The students provided us with great handouts good resources. I was impressed with their commitment. Good luck to them trying to get a big unit to listen.

WHO have an information booklet if your interested it’s called Kangaroo mother care a practical guide.

To all students reading this blog in South Australia, student counselling is offered through the college of midwives. It’s every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month (no matter what you hear else where this IS correct.) It’s a chance to talk out your hopes fears dreams and difficulties in a safe environment. All are welcome and you don’t have to be a college member. It’s at the college office in Norwood, you can contact me for more details.


Here is a small group of students last week.

The independent midwives meeting was also enhanced this week by a talk on reflexology where we were entertained, delighted and informed on the benefits of reflexology in pregnancy and birth with a chance to look at a pregnant woman’s feet and see a few easy techniques.



6 responses to “Kangaroo Mother Care”

  1. Midwifery is catching

    I think the reference was to 1979 not 1079 but yes, your point was a great one! Funny how we try to measure and standardise things that are very sensible and logical.

  2. Lisa Barrett

    Thanks Midwifery is catching I’ve corrected it. Really did think you all did a brilliant job

  3. Donna

    I would have enjoyed listening to the students talk about KMC. Here in NZ there is a group of us who are campaigning for mothers to be able to stay with their premature or sick infants in neonatal intensive care units, and of course practice KMC. Our website is (NUMB is:Neonatal Unity for Mothers and Babies).
    Another website to visit if anyone is interested is This is Dr Nils Bergman’s website and is fantastic.
    As the mother of a premature baby I had to battle the hospital to not only stay with my baby, but practice more than 20minutes of KMC with her each day.
    It’s lovely to hear that others are also talking about this issue, and advocating changes. I wish the students well in their efforts to publicise this issue.
    New Zealand

  4. Anonymous

    A very important cause. We had Sue Cox talk at our local hospital which included KMC she asked if KMC was practised in our neonatal nursery and the NICU nurses readily said it was (later I found out only for an hour a day if they are lucky) but they felt good about themselves obviously completely missing the point.
    I am about to see if we can’t get at least comfy recliners next to babies cots for mothers (which will then hopefully encourage longer KMC) as currently they have some crappy 20 yr old chairs or high stools which are just ridiculous particulary if the mother has just given birth/had surgery.

    H in the north of OZ

  5. infomidwife

    Lisa how many independant midwidwives do you have in SA?

  6. Lisa Barrett

    There are 3 of us full time and another half a dozen who do a few births and other work too. Our meetings are always fun. Some “a bit passionate” I think it’s a compliment, however I’m not sure how it is meant.