2 responses to “Setting Up A Birth Pool”

  1. Tania

    Love this clip Lisa!! Just goes to show that kids are really not as scared as people think they are about birth too…how fabulous if we could guarantee that level of interest, relaxation and excited anticipation from our hospital care providers…dreamer that I am!

  2. Cryptic Automaton

    Ha-ha. The family occasion somehow reminds me of setting up the Christmas tree. I’m sure if Jesus was a water-birth we’d all be tying flashing lights and tinsel around a birth pool every December.

    It’s great seeing all those kids getting involved with the birth preparations. What wonderful memories they’ll have. If it were my kids they’d have their goggles on and be in the pool before their mother.

    Whoopee, an indoor pool! Go to the hospital mum, this is ours!