13 responses to “Spontaneous Ruptured Membranes”

  1. Anonymous

    I have also heard it said that those with clairvoyant and psychic talants are born in the caul. I was, and I am growing a very distinct, witchy white streak, but so far no precognition (or sailing, for that matter, but so far I havn’t drowned!).

  2. I am Brooke...

    Caul babies ROCK!!

    Makes you wonder how many more babies would be born with the in the caul if the MEDwives and knObstetricians kept their hands out of women’s vaginas hey.

  3. Anonymous

    I delivered a baby in the caul! Not all MIDwives are like that thank you

  4. jennifer mckee

    i was born with a veil

  5. Elnora Daugherty

    I was born January 1, 1950, a caul baby and I have had a unique journey. I’ve seen things that can’t be explained and have felt things and spoke of it before it happened, and are a very mis-understood person.. Learned to live with it though

  6. Mummyvamp

    I home birthed my 4th baby on Anzac day this year in the caul. It was the most amazing experience.
    It’s apparently good luck to be born in the caul so I’m told :)

  7. Suelah

    Lisa, do you think there is much difference in the gut health of a baby born in the caul as compared to a vaginal birth with ruptured membranes? To me it would seem they may miss out on ingesting vaginal flora which would initially colonise the gut, and Ive heard some people say that babies born by Csection should have a swab of their mums perineum rubbed over their mouth, as they miss out on vaginal flora.

  8. Sally Paech

    My baby (now 6 months young) was born on her caul! My grandmother told me how a relative of mine was a sailor and used to carry around a dried caul on his person! Was very special to me that it was still intact!

  9. scientist

    I hear that to african americans a caul helps stay connected to your ancestors and that it indicates your unique. It also is suggested to take the caul and bury in the garden of the house the child will be living in and the child will have a drama free life.