4 responses to “VBAC”

  1. Tania

    Oh Lisa…a picture paints a thousand words indeed…that photo of J in the pool is just a picture of elation and jubilation and it makes me tear up every time I see it…please thank her from me for allowing you to use it…it is such a powerful and important image to be seen by other women who have had traumatic and disenchanting births…it can be better, and it can be done!!!

  2. I am Brooke...

    As homebirth VBACer I find this blog post just so REAL and honest.

    You totally get it, and I only wish the rest of the world saw VBAC for what it really is, JUST ANOTHER BIRTH!

    x B

  3. Simone

    Reading this makes me so mad… When i went for my VBAC the hospital kept telling me i was putting me and baby in danger if i tried to VBAC. i got a doula, educated myself and told them to shove it! This time i’m avoiding hospital at all costs, and HBACing. Drs are out to make money, my midwife certainly isn’t – she in it because shes passionate about helping a woman achieve the birth she wants.

  4. Sheila Vaughan

    Thanks Lisa, from Sheila in Wollongong oxo