6 responses to “Homebirth Midwife At Careers Expo.”

  1. Sheridan

    This is SO wonderful! I would love to do something like this about doulas. Anything to make kids see birth is normal. :) Good for you. Love your poster choice. I don’t think that would fly in the US.

  2. I am Brooke...

    Awesome stand! I am impressed indeed.
    I love the boob poster. Classic. Absolutely classic.

  3. Andrea Robertson

    Sounds like a lot of fun, Lisa!

    Nice to see our wonderful posters did the trick for you. For others who want to make a splash with a powerful message, the posters of the breasts (one of the breastfeeding promotion charts – check out the others!) and the woman giving birth can be found on our website http://www.birthinternational.com. Everything we sell promotes midwifery, natural birth and woman-centred care.

  4. Lisa Barrett

    Thanks Andrea, This was picked up by another blog. I commented that you could get them at birth international. Glad you still do them.
    Thanks for reminder. Go and look people.

  5. Samara

    Lovely job with the career fair. As I read your blog, though, I kept thinking this would NEVER work in the States. While most families would not object, there would be a few very VOCAL opponents who would make a splash in the news and next thing you know you’d be touted as some crazed porn-monger. Glad to see there are still level-headed folks somewhere in the world…

  6. Lisa Barrett

    That seems very extreme Samara, Getting the word out about birth is so important, I didn’t even consider that it would be a problem. The picture of a baby’s head crowning probably wouldn’t go down too well in America either then. The teenagers were fascinated. Plus for anyone wanting to be a midwife they should at least have some idea of the anatomy of a woman.