Goslin To Homebirth Once More

I just want to mention Diane Goslin and the fantastic news that her sentence has been over turned and she can once again practice home birthing within her community.


I would like to think that the women, families and midwife colleagues would turn out to support me as she was supported.

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania today reversed the September 2007 decision of the Pennsylvania Board of Medicine to order Lancaster County midwife, Diane Goslin, to cease and desist from the practice of midwifery.In a surprising blow to the Board of Medicine, the Commonwealth Court opined that, “…practicing midwifery cannot be construed to be the same as practicing medicine and surgery.” The Board had contended that Goslin was in violation of the 1985 Medical Practice Act by practicing medicine without a license. They further pointed out that the 1985 Act, “…authorizes the Board to impose penalties only upon persons who practice as a nurse-midwife without a nurse-midwife license.” Goslin is a Certified Professional Midwife.

It appears that the Board of Medicine made a mistake when charging her with practicing medicine and the claim included her practicing medicine and surgery.

The Commonwealth Court judges ruled that the Board of Medicine erred in part because it incorrectly concluded that Goslin was practicing medicine and surgery as part of her services. The 5-2 ruling by the judges, handed down Friday, means Goslin can go back to work. Goslin, 50, of New Providence, called the ruling “a real day of victory for women and families throughout the commonwealth.”

You can read the whole report at the Lancaster online.

It’s about time that somebody recognised not only the skills held by midwives but more importantly the right of a woman to chose whatever birth attendant she wants and birth wherever she wants.