5 responses to “ICM 2008 Diary – Flight Out Part 1”

  1. Jelikin

    It’s the thought that counts!

    On the next leg your body will be telling you to sleep. You’ve primed it nicely with alcohol so I can see those 13 hours going by quicker than you expect.

    The flight back won’t be half as exciting. Plenty of time for book reviews, and then you can blog about it whilst it’s fresh in your mind.

    Did you opt for that peculiar fish curry on the flight? You should have taken a photo!

  2. midwifemuse

    Hope you have an amazing time at the conference. Look forward to reading all about it.

  3. I am Brooke...

    Hey lovey, can’t wait to hear an update. I hope you have arrived safe and well.

    I am intrigued re: the fish curry LOL.


    x B

  4. lovebubs

    I too cant wait to hear more! I have had some truly amazing experiences in the past 2 weeks. I have put to practice what I so very muchly wanted to achieve and that you have helped me fulfil. I also went to the Birth, Breastfeeding and Boyond Conference yesterday and met Michel Odent and was completely lost for words. Today I walked into the hospital and began to spread the word :) . Im starting to realise why I am and what I was put on this earth for!! Love ya MWAH!!

  5. Sarah Stewart

    I thought you were made thinking you’d read a book like that on the trip over – get a nice juicy romance to read!

    Have a great trip.