International Midwives Day 5th May

Today was International midwives day. Adelaide had a celebration. There was a holding on to natural birth study day. I think my talk was a little out of left field but seemed to go down well all the same. It’s sometimes about seeing the potential and agreeing to differ. This photo is of a pregnant belly in the water, lit by a candle.


Then we had a dinner. Of the hundreds of midwives who may have come to honour the day about 35 turned out. Birth is sacred and as birth keepers and birth attendants we should honour and support each other as well as the women we birth with.

Frances Bedford champion of women’s causes was there. I made sure I had my photo taken while sitting next to her!!!


My lovely friends Tania, Rosey and Julie were there too. I’m hoping next year we can encourage many more midwives to make a statement and turn out to support their midwifery peers.



One response to “International Midwives Day 5th May”

  1. sharon

    hi i was at the seminar on imd thought that your session was good. (actually that is all i came for) wanted to learn a bit more of water birth and your philosophy was great, thanks for the inspiration that you gave on that day.
    sharon rm/rn