6 responses to “Newborn Cord Care”

  1. Pamela

    I’ve never seen a cord from my clients babies stay on longer than 10 days. Most of the cords fall off within the first 3-5 days. I credit this to delayed cord clamping.


  2. Janie

    Lisa can you tell more about the plaited silk you use as a cord tie. I racked my brains trying to think of and find something suitable for my last babies homebirth but resorted to a clamp which I was unsatisfied with.
    Thank you and have a wonderful time in Glasgow.

  3. infomidwife

    Nice blog Lisa, I see you use silk tie, what do the main stream hospitals use? also if they use clamps when do you take the off? or do you leave them to fall off with the cord?
    I have never seen a cord stay on longer than 10 days.
    see you in Glasgow

  4. Lisa Barrett

    All the hospitals use sterile clamps. One hospital policy is not to remove the clamp. I only help with hospital birth if it’s a transfer. I do have cord cutters. I have seen a 14 day cord – it was my own child 15 years ago. I think it stayed on so long because it was too short and had a clamp. This changed my practice, then with the advent of lotus birthing I have found big differences. I always leave the cord extremely long but as you can see in the pictures it shrivels up very quickly and becomes pretty small. The average for my clients is 5 days.

  5. rose

    i also use sterile gauze strips (dont have enough time to plait as yet!)they are long and thin. you can also use a safety pin to just flick open a cord clamp!

  6. Anonymous

    I want to share my first sister’s baby. Yes I heard this cord. After 7 to 15 days it is drop it. So nice of it I watch each and every day and I see all the days. After 10 days the cord is drop. So I am happy to handle my sister’s child. She is cute and sweet.
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