7 responses to “Newborn Cord Care”

  1. midwife of the plains

    I use a cotton yarn(weaving weight) to make cord ties. I finger knit them then sterilize them. Thank you for this additional idea Lisa. Your cord ties look beautiful.

  2. Sarah Stewart

    Have a safe journey and fabulous time in Glasgow. My colleagues (Otago Polytechnic) will be there – say hello to Carolyn McIntosh who is my blogging partner in crime. She is presenting several papers. I feel like the person who is staying behind to turn off the light! :(

    Look forward to reading news of the conference on your blog. cheers Sarah

  3. Louise Wilby

    Hi Lisa

    Your cord ties are so beautiful, what method of sterilization do you use?

    Hope to meet at ICM

  4. Lisa Barrett

    One of the midwives gets them autoclaved at the local country hospital. I normally just bake or boil them. I have never encountered a problem with that.
    I buy sterile scissors in boxes of 50 and the family just keep them after the one off use.

  5. Kate

    my wonderful dh is weaving a beautiful kumihimo braid from silk for our baby’s cord. Our children chose a colour each, and we chose one for ourselves and for the baby. I will bake it slowly in the oven with the baby’s blankets and clothes while I am in labour. Having a nice soft cord seems like it will be so much gentler than a hard plastic cord clamp :)

  6. I am Brooke...

    how long do u make your ties??

    xx B

  7. Lisa Barrett

    Long enough to tie a few times. As you can see from the picture that they don’t have to be very long. They vary as my daughter makes some!! About 2 finger lengths.