3 responses to “Visit To Parliament, Homebirth Supporters”

  1. Morag

    Hey Lisa,
    I wonder (hope)if some folks are able to send letters to the minister for health, and the Advertiser etc. about the minister’s absence when a member of the public was speaking about an issue which directly impacts his portfolio. I think making yourself available for question time is an excellent idea. Have you all considered loud t-shirts? You could give one to the security guard. I bet he’d be thrilled with a hot pink independent midwifery shirt! :)

    BTW. I’m so glad you’re blogging. You’re a breath of fresh air on the blogosphere these days.

    Xx L.

  2. Lisa Barrett

    Frances Beford is the mp for Florey. I am looking forward to being a presence. Apparently we can’t make bold statements in the gallery!! go figure.

  3. infomidwife

    well done Lisa, I was impressed with this – it is a long hard road, but persistence is the answer. You know, parliament is never what you think it is, but I wonder why we are surprised by this, it is after all predominately men. Keep up the good work.