7 responses to “Waterbirth Pool Reviews”

  1. name: "head in the clouds"

    great info Lisa. Your site is so informative. Talk about telling it like it is. Good you ya!
    My birth pool was the one with the blue liner (from Deb Minge). It was awesome. Best pain relief known to man. It was the best feeling getting into the water in my lounge room with the fire roaring. Sheer heaven. I had a VBA2C (not at home unfortunately) but laboured there in that pool for a lovely long time. My son and daughter thought all their christmases had come at once when they woke up to a pool in their lounge room!

  2. Becky

    HI Lisa in Western australia we have a birth pool for hire called Birth Pool in a box, absolutely wonderful. Let us know if you would like more info.


  3. Lisa Barrett

    would love more info thanks.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m looking at the birth pool in a box it looks great, the La Bassine one was what I used for my second sons birth, it has an inflated bottom so its way more comfy than those hard sided ones, its meant for only a couple of uses but I’ve lent mine out and it’s been thru 5 births going on 6 so the quality is superb, it’s only just needed some patching at it’s 5th birth, my nephew, Massimo!Which is why I’m thinking about getting the pool in a box for professionals as a lot of my friends want to borrow it still. Becky, does the pool in a box have the same inflated bottom like the La Bassine?

  5. Lisa Barrett

    I now have a pool in a box and I think it’s great, I should add it to the reviews. It’s a bit bigger than a la bassine but still less water than the hard sided pool. I also had great pool covers. It does have an inflated bottom and an inflated seat which is ideal especially if a partner is in the water holding the woman.

  6. lourdes robinson

    Hi, do you have a contact number for Larissa Inn to enquire about her birthing pool. thanks