13 responses to “ICM 2008 Diary – Midweek Update”

  1. Jelikin

    I think you need to elaborate on the breast photography. And were you the photographer or the subject? What exactly was going on, it’s very intriguing. Can I help with the uploading in any way? Clearly the Welsh and Australian drink more alcohol than the English.

    It’s good to see that you’ve finally found a Doctor that you approval of. What’s his stance on caesarians, or does he use his sonic screwdriver thing?

  2. Jelikin

    Oh, and I meant to ask, how does a Tardis work as a Cafe? I know in the show they are much, much bigger on the inside than the outside. But in the real world isn’t a Tardis a bit cramped to be a cafe?

    Just dawned on me – it’s a street cafe! I see. You mean they make the drinks in the Tardis and the customers sit outside. This is Glasgow Scotland right, not Costa Del Glasgow?.

  3. Rixa

    I’m another Dr. Who fan…

  4. Elias Punch

    I’d love to hear more about the Robbie Davis-Floyd talk… midwifery in the US is operating in a bunch of different models because of legal and social pressures, but I’d like to figure out what works first, then build the laws around that!

  5. Lisa Barrett

    dear Jelikin, My breasts are included in the shots and unless you are married to me and recognise the underwear you would never guess. I think they looked great!! You will probably see them soon on tania smallwoods holiday blog. I must thank my marvellous husband for blogging my entries while I’m half way across the world separated from him. His sence of humour is endless!!

    The tardis just had a little window with a man inside. I will be at friends over the weekend and hope to get uploaded pics to show you. You do have to drink the coffee on a bench next to the tardis. I’ve struggled with my inability to get all the pictures up.

    elias Punch, thanks for your interest. Once I get home I will put full updates on the sessions i enjoyed. I will be away another 2 weeks and with sketchy internet access it’s my husband who gets my blogs by email and has to put them up. today however I have time on the computer.

  6. I am Brooke...

    I am so freakin’ jealous of you seeing a real live Tardis. That’s just SO UNFAIR Lisa. *blows raspberries*

    Sigh – Dr Who country… other side of the world hey…

    It’s great to read about your adventures!

    x B

  7. Sarah Stewart

    Now, if I had been with you, you would have seen a different sort of English woman!!

  8. Anonymous

    I really want to hear about the midwifery models too and also what the measurement is by which they are deemed to work, or not. I hope you’re having a lovely time, gorgeous :) I’ve been reading a book about where you live lately and I wanna come visit! ;-)
    Janet xx

  9. Moospie

    Hey Lisa, after your declaration of love for Dr Who, I feel totally sure that I have found a future client for you! She’s not pregnant at the moment, but from my conversations with her, I believe a love of Dr Who is a very important quality in a midwife, in her opinion.

  10. Lisa Barrett

    Only 1 and 1/2 weeks left to go here. I promise to blog about all the subjects you mention when I get back home. Acting a bit like a naughty school girl this week as staying with friends.

  11. I am Brooke...

    Just thought I’d let you know I blogged about the exam panel I sat on last month, I don’t know if you remember the discussion but the sour taste still lingers. Thought I’d drop you a link… http://sungaikecil.blogspot.com/2008/05/where-is-desire-to-learn.html

    Hope Wales is awesome!! Miss ya.

    x B

  12. Naomi

    Can’t wait for you to get back.
    Sounds like you are having an ace time. Such is the life eh?

  13. Maja

    Surfing on pages about ICM congress. I just had to say that I really love your tatoo!