10 responses to “Independent Midwives Don’t Stitch You Up”

  1. Tania

    Oh Lisa…saying it as it is again…what a gem. It never ceases to amaze me that friends and colleagues of mine, some even midwives (gasp!) really DO spend more time researching their new car, their trip overseas, or their wedding/birthday/engagement, hell even their new type of lawn, than they do their care provider for pregnancy and birth. The vast majority of women just can’t accept the responsibility that this is their thing to live with, and so go with a recommendation from a friend, who most likely had her life and the life of her baby saved by some expert in surgery…all when what they are looking for is a natural birth. YOU WON’T FIND A HOLDEN AT A FORD CAR YARD LADIES!!!!! That’s my latest catch phrase…works well with the gals with bogan husbands…:)

  2. pinky

    Interesting. I delivered a baby the other day because she just came too quick. But it felt right. so I spoke with one of the midwifes and she said she would like to train the nurses to deliver the babies and have the OB’s as back up. It seems to upset the mood of the room when the baby is crowning and the OB or Midwife comes in and gets dressed and fiddles with their instruments.

    Food for thought.

  3. Sheryl

    Awesome post!! I loved the pics too. I dont think first time moms ever really know what they are in for in a hospital setting…they think the staff really has their best interest at heart.

  4. Julie


  5. Julie

    That’s classic, Tania. I’ve been saying, “If you want McDonals, don’t go to Pizza Hut.” Women get presented with the “edited” version of the menu: I have talked with several women who never knew birth centres existed – let alone homebirth. They rock up pregnant at the GP who tells them their choice is between private and public. They don’t mention birth centres. They certainly don’t mention homebirth!

  6. The Mummy

    My first and second births were at hospital, third at a Birth Centre, 4th and 5th at home.
    It amuses me when people ask why babe #5 was also at home, as will babe #6.
    I will laugh and ask them to tell me why.

    The tyre scenario has happened to me, only once! And never again ;)

  7. Snapper

    Love love love the story!
    1st was a bit like that – next time will be at home thanks!

  8. Nicky Grace

    Hey Lisa!

    Wonderful stuff. We met at the ICM congress – I just found your blog, and wanted to say hi! it’s great to think I can catch up with what you are up to from here in Nottingham!

    Go girl.

    Love Nicky Grace

  9. Lisa Barrett

    Nicky, Thanks for reading and posting. Any interesting stuff happening your way?

  10. Lisa Barrett

    Pinky, somehow I missed your comment. My husband often publishes stuff for me when I’m busy.

    I’m really glad that you had a great experience like that with birth. Please let us know how this is progressing.