Light Entertainment


This is me and my fantastic friend who I met when I was 21. We now have the combined age of 87. I think we are aging brilliantly. (Taken while I was on holiday in the UK)


And this is me with the girl who used to baby sit for my children when I lived in the UK. She was 15 at the time. Look at her now a beautiful woman.

5 responses to “Light Entertainment”

  1. rose

    your friend is gorgeous Lisa. she looks like sarah murdoch!

  2. Cryptic Automaton

    Mmm, homebirth babes! Great to see you sexing up homebirth. Where can I buy a calender?

    Frankly you don’t look like a real midwife at all. You should eat more. I though all midwives were supposed to look like nurse Gladys Emanuel.

    P.S Apologies to other sexy midwives.

  3. Lisa Barrett

    Rose, I thought I looked pretty good too!!! Lucky, I like you or I’d be offended.

    Cryptic Automation, thanks for quadrupling my hits by including sexing up in your reply. I’m now heading the google list of the local porn sites. ;)

    I am nicely flattered however by such a complimentary reply.

  4. rose

    but Lisa you know your no. 1 one my sexiest Midwife list!!!!

  5. Roadrunner

    Oi….wots my mug doing ere?! Nice comments though!…had to google Sarah Murdoch cos I didn’t have a clue who she was!X