19 responses to “The Baby Is In The Bag – Placenta Pics”

  1. Michelle

    Hey Lisa
    thanks for the great description of these pics…I was asleep by the time they were being taken and although DH gave me a pretty good run down of how everything works, your explanation is a little more thorough LOL

  2. Lisa Barrett

    Fancy recognising them!!Thanks so much they are a fantastic set of pictures.

  3. Rose

    ah, i knew i recognised that clear plastic container!

  4. Narissa

    Hi Lisa – I thought it was time that I let you know what a fantastic job I think you do in promoting homebirth and MIPP. I have been reading your blog for the last 6 months or more and just love it. Your blog has made me reconsider many aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. Thank you so much.

  5. slh35661

    I love this set of pictures for the placenta and the explanation given here. I took a short class on placentas once for continuing education. It was so fascinating. But can I say looking at the handling of the placenta without gloves does make me a bit squeemish.
    I also loved your last post about the posterior position. Wonderful.

  6. Lisa Barrett

    Hi Travelling midife, What makes you squeemish about no gloves. I have a long term relationship with my clients and I know their blood picture so I have no worries about that. What is the point of gloves in that case? I would of course use them If I were working on a busy labour ward with clients I have never met before.

  7. slh35661

    I understand what you are saying about knowing your patients and feeling a sense of comfort not wearing gloves. It is certainly born out of my working with patients that get recurrent STD’s and even an undiagnosed HIV status we discovered half way through a labor. I am not judging, I am just saying it makes *ME* squeemish. Love the blog by the way. Please keep up the very interesting stories and pictures. I have been a midwife for 11 years and I still love to learn from my sisters and brothers out there who are birthing babies in all kinds of settings.

  8. Adele

    I’m loving your site, but I have to admit the lack of gloves did make me feel a but squeemish too.

    Personally it’s the undiscovered things that we can’t test for that I would worry about (it wasn’t so long ago we didn’t know CJD existed).

    Fab site though :-)

  9. I am Brooke

    Where can I see a pic you presented in Adel? The one with the deceased twin?

    Can I email you a pic of my most recent with suspected deceased baby #2 and #3??

    You were awesome btw ;-)

  10. Lisa Barrett

    It hasn’t been blogged. Maybe another post coming on placentae, Could I maybe use your pictures too?

  11. I am Brooke
  12. Laura McDaid

    Ooh.. I haveto say, I felt quite the opposite! I liked how you weren’t wearing any gloves. It makes me think, that’s a woman I’d feel safe with. Ahh.. we’re all different ; )

  13. Lorri

    Hi Lisa
    Have been reading the story of Hellena’s twin birth and can’t find what happened.
    Could you please let us all know. :) Thanks

  14. Lorri

    Thank you Lisa Looking forward to it cheers :)

  15. sarah uk

    what a brilliant indepth description. After scrawling pages and pages on the internet this is the most concise and best illustrated. may i ask something? with my first daughter mine simply fell apart i was told it had the consistency of liver you would buy from the butchers??? this has always puzzled me and i have never been able to find a reason.

  16. beth

    “Before birth the baby sits surrounded by liquor and inside your uterus” …;D
    beautiful site! thanks!

  17. Heather Hazen

    “Before birth the baby sits surrounded by liquor and inside your uterus.”… and we wonder why they cant walk or hold their heads up…

  18. Errianne

    Hi Miss Lisa,
    I just want to say thank you! Nice job! Your blogs/postings helps me a lot……. you see i am working in our healthcare facility, particularly at the health information management section…..there are alot of medical terms/names/labels i have still have yet to learn…..i finished a non-medical course….but your work in here is really a big help to me! God bless you with good health, peace of mind and heart! You’re such a generous being!