2 responses to “The Brown Dog Coffee Meet”

  1. Laurie Flower

    I love your site and blog. I am opening a doula and breastfeeding support office in one week. I have been considering having a breastfeeding cafe. But I love the feel of your “coffees” which include pregnancy and parenting support as well. It opens more doors than just “breastfeeding” in the title. I would love to learn more about it. Great job!!! And many blessings to you. I will be contacting you soon!!!

  2. Kate

    Bugger, wish I lived in Adelaide instead of Melbourne!
    I used to attend BaBs (birthing & babies support) which was run by a volunteer facilitator (I took on this role for a time). Unfortunately BaBs died out because there was no one to continue as facilitator.
    Community groups like yours and BaBs are so important to share information that’s not just the mainstream bullshit that women are told in the hospital system. I wish we had more of them.
    Do you know of any other homebirth support groups in Melbourne? I’m 19wks with my fourth after 2 cesareans (last were twins).