2 responses to “Guidelines For Australian Midwives.”

  1. Tanja

    Thank you for discussing this. I am particularly stunned by the assumption that “that professional … assumes full responsibility for subsequent decision-making”. I am sad that they would think (even with “consultation with the woman”) that a professional should assume full responsibility for decision making about a woman’s birthing experience. Shouldn’t the woman be the one in control of the decision-making no matter who the primary carer is? Thanks again for presenting this information.

  2. Natalie

    Why do we need to be “referred”??? Aren’t we capable of making our own decisions……. when I was booked into the hospital I asked the OB I was under about a homebirth and he told me how dangerous it was and that he wouldn’t recommend it – so he wasn’t going to refer me to a midwife at all. I was smart enough to ignore him completely but unfortuneately there are a lot of women who would feel they’d have to stick with him! I can see how you get so frustrated Lisa!

    I’ve also nominated you for an award, check my blog for details!