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  1. midwife of the plains

    Wow. Amazing stupendous mama! Amazing stupendous babies. What an honor to see this. Thanks to the family and you Lisa.


  2. Rebekah Costello

    Oh I’m still crying! How amazing!! Thanks to her and to you for sharing that one!

  3. busybusymomma

    Very neat! Thank you (and the family) for sharing! :)

    Just out of curiousity- do you guys not use gloves for waterbirths? I haven’t looked into that much yet.

  4. Radical Midwife

    Thank you so much for posting that. It is especially good for me to see that neither of the cords were clamped, since that is something that is so pervasive, even among homebirth midwives. You totally rock, Lisa!!


  5. Rose

    WOW WOW WOW!So beautiful. and such gorgeous grown up children now. Thankyou to the family for sharing their journey.

  6. Lisa Barrett

    busybusymomma. I don’t use gloves at any birth. I don’t put my hands in a woman’s vagina and why would you want latex or equivalent to be the first thing on a baby’s skin.
    Radical midwife. Lotus birth or not, cutting the cord before the birth of the placenta is interferring in the natural process and should never be done in a physiological third stage. Until the placenta is out how can we really tell what processes are happening. Our theory that the cord has stopped pulsing is just that A THEORY. We are not meant to do anything until the birth process is finished.

    1. Despina

      Thanks for posting this. What a beautiful birth! I am pregnant with twins that share a placenta (they are in different sacs though.) I’m wondering — did she have 1 or 2 placentas? Because I’ve been told that with identical twins that share a placenta, we would have to cut the cord of the first baby right away to make sure that the 2nd baby gets ample oxygen and blood. Thanks!

      1. kanelli

        hi Despina,
        Are you planning a homebirth? Are you in Greece?

  7. AtYourCervix

    Wow wow wow! Amazing! thank you to this wonderful mom for sharing her birth!

    I have never seen a baby born in the caul before, even after working in the birth field for over 7 years.

  8. Rebekah Costello

    I don’t use gloves at any birth. I don’t put my hands in a woman’s vagina and why would you want latex or equivalent to be the first thing on a baby’s skin.
    Radical midwife. Lotus birth or not, cutting the cord before the birth of the placenta is interferring in the natural process and should never be done in a physiological third stage. Until the placenta is out how can we really tell what processes are happening. Our theory that the cord has stopped pulsing is just that A THEORY. We are not meant to do anything until the birth process is finished.

    Why oh why do you have to be so far away? :(

  9. zoelouna

    Chère Lisa, ces images sont incroyables ! Merci de nous les avoir fait partager :) C’est toujours un plaisir et une réelle source d’information de te lire :) Merci encore !

  10. Anonymous

    This is the magic in the work that midwives and women do.

    What a powerful woman – you can do anything – I bet you hear that from time to time – time to start belieiving!

    As for the midwives….full love power and magic to you!!!!

    Heartfelt thanks for sharing your amazing births and strenghts with us all.

    This restores my faith in being with woman.


  11. I am Brooke...

    You little ripper! That was bloody awesome Lisa!!

    Fantastic to watch something so amazing… just *WOW*!!

    x B

  12. Heather

    Thank you so much for sharing that! :)

    When doing twins, what is the usual amount of time in between the births?

  13. Kel

    umm, all of the above! That was inspiring. Makes me want to birth again ;-) we are lucky to have you here.

  14. Janet Fraser

    That’s so beautiful. I wish we saw the placenta birth and the lotus transition but I’ll just have to imagine it. Every woman who shares her birth like this does other women such a service in this birth-hating world.
    Thanks to the family!

  15. Morag

    Doesn’t get much better than that!:)
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. Lisa Barrett

    Unfortunately the film maker who was standing in the bath chose that moment to switch off the camera and get out of the water. It wasn’t my bad editing we just don’t have the footage. Elsewhere on the blog in the lotus birth section there are pictures of the placenta with babies attached after a few days.

  17. Liz Oller

    Thank you so much for posting this video! That was so amazing, what an experience as a mother!

  18. anjie

    Thanks for sharing these videos. They are inspiring and help people see how normal birth is!

  19. Jo

    Wow. Thankyou for showing that. I didnt end up having a homebirth but not for want of trying, so seeing this was like I sort of experienced it a bit. Even means more to me to see with both my boys (3.5 and 1.5 yr olds, ie. not twins, both E c/section – the second a planned H/B)hanging off me and watching it too! So calm, and the way the babies nuzzled in, and Mum gently holding them. And seeing L & R in action. I cant even explain how I felt, so cant imagine how you both felt. Well done.

  20. Maíra

    Oh, God, so beautiful birht!
    I’m from Brazil, I want a water birth a lot…

  21. Tanya

    Sorry!Thank you for such a wonderful moment!So quiet,so patient!Any suggestions for VBAC with twins.One of our client(well informed client)wants TOL at the hospital,no EFM,no epidural (due to restricted mobility)Since all of us(12 midwives) have different level of experience and comfort there are many different opinions.Would be interested to hear yours.Regards,Tanya

  22. Lisa Barrett

    Well She is right to want no epidural and to remain mobile. intermittant monitoring is effective in checking the babies. For midwives feeling uncomfortable maybe they could be backed by the more experienced midwives. Success in birth is created by confidence of the mother and confidence of the care provider. If there is a hospital birth I negotiate with the local labour ward so that everyone is aware of the woman and her requirements. Plan with the head of labour ward how to get the best scenario for everyone. It can be done. She could labour at home and go to the hospital in advance labour if she so wished. That would remove lots of the stress about epidural and the like.Where are you?
    Lisa Barrett

  23. StudentMidwife

    Aww thats a beautiful birth. Was just wondering, do you check for cord around the babies neck? As with the first baby theres a break in the footage and with the second still being in the caul. I’ve only been present at one waterbirth in which the cord was round the neck.

  24. Lisa Barrett

    The only break in the footage is after the first baby and it’s only a few mins as there were just 6 mins between babies. I don’t check for cord. I wouldn’t clamp and cut at any time so there is no point. A cord around the neck happens in up to 40% of births.

  25. Anonymous

    Fantastic to see such a wonderful waterbirth of twins as I’m now 37 weeks and planning the same myself here in the UK. Thanks to you and the family for sharing this birth and giving me all the more courage!

  26. Anonymous

    Wow … what a truly heartwarming video … BEAUTIFUL !!
    Thank you so very much for sharing xx

  27. Verity

    Hi! My independant midwife sent me the link to your blog and this wonderful video after I drew a blank looking for live footage of twin home births. I’m pregnant with twins and my twin recently had twins in hospital after a planned home birth, which I attended. But there’s nothing to match the sheer power of watching the awesome calm of a truly natural birth and to be able to visualise a twin birth in this environment is really helpful. My 5 year old son who has asked to be present at the birth also really enjoyed watching this and it stimulated lots of useful conversation between us.
    Thank you to your work and to the family in allowing you to put this out there to empower and inspire women.

  28. amylockyemily

    This would have to be one of the most amazing things I have ever see.

    Words escape me!

  29. Nyree

    Wow , that was truly beautiful . I just loved how the mother seemed to be able to do what she needed to do with no interference. In fact it just looked like everyone was just in tune with what was happening.After having two emergency caesarians( both induced) and experiencing two beautiful moments that were so altered by the `medical` procedures, I am so full of hope I may yet experience something as amazing as this. Thankyou to the family who shared this with us. And can I please please have midwives like you next time!? :)
    Lots of love

  30. Siam, Zia, Tony Ca Hoanh et Marika

    Just amazing and inspiring both as a birthing woman and as a midwife. Women rock !

  31. Sally Mullins

    Hi Lisa,
    I am very nearly 40 weeks pregnant with dyzigotic twins. My first pregnancy was a planned homebirth but resulted in a caesarian due to failure to progress (She was posterier and acyclitic).
    This time I have chosen shared care between the same homebirthing midwife I for my first pregnancy and the local public hospital. I plan to labour as long as I can at home and deliver in hospital.
    My question is about being overdue. The doctors did not expect me to go this far. CTG last week was normal. I am due to have another CTG this week and feel like they may start talking about another caesarian. What is you opinion about going overdue with twins and VBAC. My first pregnancy was 42 wks and 2 days. I would be very grateful for your opinion

  32. Kathryn Williams

    Lucy enjoyed watching this – it kept her interested for 4 minutes! That’s a record. Thank you so much to the woman for sharing it – what an amazing birth.

  33. Andie

    What a beautiful birth. My own twins are 13 months old, and how I would have loved to have a midwife such as yourself attend to us.Thank you for sharing!

  34. morgan

    So beautiful! Thank you!

  35. Tenielle

    Wow, that’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m hoping for a home waterbirth with this pregnancy (I’m also convinced I’m having twins – let’s wait til the first ultrasound, hey?) and I’d love for it to be as easy as this one seemed. What fantastic work you do…

    This is the second video in as many days that I’ve seen with the baby born in the caul – it looks so mystical, doesn’t it?

  36. la Partera

    Thank you for posting this amazing woman’s birth. As a U.S. hospital midwife, it is so refreshing to see a birth of twins as a peaceful, beautiful and reverent event (as all births should be) rather than emergency chaos in the OR. Thank you to the family for sharing this very private experience. Lisa, you are an inspiration to midwives across the globe. Thank you for your blog and for just being you.

  37. Johanna

    It’s so amazing and encurrageing to read your comments, and proof of faith in
    the process of giving birth. I still have not found a midwife to help me out, I’m
    33 weeks pregnant with our 8th child. Number 7 is born at home when we lived in
    Port Vila, Vanuatu but now we are back in Sweden and it looks like maybe we are
    going to have to do it alone with Jesus.

    Do you have any more advise or thoughts you would like to share. The biggest problem(this is mainly why I can’t find a midwife to help me)
    with me giving birth at home seems to be that it’s a higher risk with the uterus not contracting
    after giving birth, that I would bleed to much due to my number of children. Last time I gave birth my uterus contracted very well, I didn’t bleed much at all. and I didn’t use the drug to make it contract.

    Thanks for a good website!

  38. Birdie

    WOW!! What can I say – what an amazing woman, what an amazing experience. Thank you so much for sharing.

  39. vicky sloan

    What an amazing video thank you so much for sharing it. One amazing thing was that when my cat heard the pushing he jumped up behind me and watched the whole of the rest of the birth transfixed!

  40. Michelle

    Wow, my 3 year old was watching this video as I was preparing french toast for breakfast. And not one, not two, but THREE DOUBLE YOLK eggs were cracked! 3 from 3! Is this a sign?

  41. Sonya Lindley-Jones

    Thank you so much for sharing this. You and this beautiful family. So inspiring… xoMuch love to you and yours keep up the great work.

  42. so beautiful

    I was tranfixed, I had goosebumpes and at the same time felt this warmth throuhout my body……so amazing and beautiful, which can happen only when your part of it/witness it ourself…..whaever I said is not even close to what I felt

  43. Free

    Thank you!

    How important do you think it is to know what twins a woman may be carrying?

  44. Emily Dean

    Absolutely amazing, I enjoyed my son born with no interference in water and I thought your birth was beautiful. Courage giving, thankyou so much for sharing it angel.

  45. Sara

    I am pregnant with twins and this video has given me hope. I thank you will all my heart for posting that video. Tell that woman that her courage has given me strength.

  46. Crystal - Prenatal Coach

    WOW beautiful birth! Thank you so much for sharing! I really hope that I can find a midwife that shares your views about internal exams and not cutting the cord. I can of course choose not to have those though :)

  47. bethany

    Thank you so much for sharing!!! So encouraging! Amazing women!

  48. Theresa Newton

    I absolutely love this website. At the age of 40, I am 12 weeks pregnant again with a very much wanted baby. My other three births have been natural, with no interventions (although they cut the cords too soon on my first two, against my wishes). My third baby was born through the Ipswich midwifery group practice, and was by far my most satisfying birth, even though oxytocin was used to get things moving after 20 hours labour, mostly because I didn’t want any doctors to be involved, only the midwives. Got to go home with no further interventions 6 hours after the birth.
    I recently saw a cranio-sacral therapist and (unregistered) midwife, who is pretty much 99% certain that I have twins (measuring 18 weeks, high and wide at 11 weeks gestation).
    I’m desperate to ensure a natural birth with no interventions regardless of the presentation of my babies. I would even consider a home birth, if that was the only way to have my desires respected. The cranio-sacral therapist said that is is very difficult to find a midwife to look after home-birth twins, as it is not legal for them to deliver twins.
    My midwife at the group practice said not to worry yet, until we have confirmation, and that he’d be there to support me all the way, but I can’t help but be concerned, given all the difficult stories that I’ve read on the interventionist nature of the medical system.
    Reading some of the beautiful stories on this site is inspirational, esp. the article on breech birth with pictures of the mechanics of baby coming out.
    Will have to show hubby so that he realises that all this is natural, and not as high risk as many like to make out.

  49. Theresa Newton

    Hi Lisa,
    Thankyou for your answer, unfortunately I’m in Ipswich, Queensland. Got this info from an unregistered midwife, she was too alternative to be accepted within the system. My Midwife at the Midwifery Group Practice (I had him for my previous pregnancy and he’s accepted me into the program again …. before I knew there was two) said that they’re not allowed to deliver twins, but are trying to stretch the system to allow women of ‘intermediate’ risk to be accepted into the program, which is hospital based, but see the one midwife the whole time and aim for a non-interventionist, drug-free, water birth (if you sign a waiver) delayed cord cutting, leave bub with Mum the whole time, and physiological 3rd stage of labour. I had my third through this program, and found it far superior to my previous births, although my second was so quick that there was no time for monitoring or interference, except they cut the cord too soon, saying it was too short. My first was with a private obstetrician in the public hospital. An unassisted posterior. Again they cut the cord immediately, and against my wishes, and I had to argue against oxytocin … but she shut up as the placenta came while I was arguing. I’m hoping my midwife will be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat (he and his wife had twins at 40 +3, naturally with absolutely no interventions, and is very pro natural childbirth) to help me find the support I need to be able to do this my way, no matter the position of the babies. My biggest fear with having twins is the need to fight the system (and my husband) to be allowed to birth naturally. I know my body is capable, but am I up for the fight?

  50. Murasaki

    Cant believe I hadnt seen that one before! Makes me wanna have twins!

  51. vcfmama

    So beautiful and peaceful! Thank you for sharing.

  52. Emma Ingram

    Beautiful Video, Thank you for sharing.
    I birthed my twins at home too, (unplanned and unassisted but at full term) and this brings back the beautiful memories.

  53. jade

    Fabulous video!!! truly inspiring particularly as we are expecting identical (monozygotic) twins in October 2011 and plan a home water and lotus birth. We have been told of the ‘risks’ being an older mama and the fact they share the placenta but we are engaging the help of a ‘with woman’ as you recommended and shall be planning a sacred and special home birth for our special miracles. If any other mama’s have had a home/waterbirth with identical (MCDA twins) I’d love to hear from you.
    Thanks again Lisa and the wonderful mama for sharing this truly amazing video :-)

  54. maria

    This is a beautiful video. I was wondering if this mom was a primip? I am a primip who is 14.5 weeks pregnant with di di twins. I originally planned to homebirth, but here in the US most twin births take place in the hospital. There are a few hb midwives (mostly CPMs or lay midwives) in my area who deliver twins, but as you mention it’s safer to have two midwives present at this type of birth. At preseent, I’m being comanaged by a hospital-based midwife practice and a generalist OB doctor. My hope is to have a natural hospital birth (it helps that I am an L&D nurse where I work and have no qualms about refusing interventions). However, I am mourning the loss of a peaceful homebirth. So glad this option is available to women in the UK!

  55. Jeannie

    I am pregnant with identical twins right now and I really want to be able to give birth naturally like I did with my first three, the thing is I am not sure if my doctor is in favor of it because I had pre-eclampsia with my first two boys and fluctuating blood pressure at the end of my pregnancy with my girl it never turned into preeclampsia. I have been hoping that these girls are in the right position so the doctor will be ok with a natural childbirth.
    Thank you so much for the video it gives a little bit more assurance that my girls might be cooperative.

  56. mommagina

    WOW! I loved watching this video. I am having my first homebirth,(second child) this December. Watching great videos like this one is so inspiring. Thanks for posting.

  57. Emily

    This isn’t really about this post, but I was wondering if you have done any research about home birth, or birth or maternity care for that matter, in Finland. I’m moving there soon, at 6 months, and haven’t been about to find much info in English. THANKS!

  58. Nellie

    Thank you for posting this video! It was almost identical to my twin homebirth. The main exception was that my second twin was born footling breech, but also in the caul. The bathtub, hubby holding me up, all was the same! My identical girls are 8 years old now, and I let them watch the video, they were amazed. :) Thank you for sharing.

  59. luiz


  60. Mattias

    Beautiful, perhaps the only man who post here, but I was crying seeing this, and I look forward to receive our twins at home. very nice to read and see.

    thank you.

  61. Jayne

    What a fantastic lady..

  62. Melanie

    Thank you very much for posting this. I just found out that I am carrying twins and was looking around for information on delayed cord clamping with twins. So much of what I found made me think that it was perhaps not possible, until I saw this wonderful video. Please pass on my thanks to the woman in the video for being so generous with her special family moment so that others can be educated and inspired.

  63. Barbara

    Amazing video and blog. I’m interested in what you say about leaving the placenta for 5 days- did you mean after the placenta was born? I worked on a study on childbirth in Bolivia, and midwives in remote rural areas told of placentas being born safely after several days. They of course used mainly upright positions for birth of baby and placenta, the favoured position being on all fours, and they did not cut the cord before the placenta is born.

  64. Christine Stavrakis

    This wonderful woman is an inspiration to others. I get so tired of having to defrend a woman’s right to birth at home with no interventions. In Australia there is so much fear surrounding birth that hardly anyone considers a homebirth anymore. I have been working as a doula for 5 and a half years and have not done one homebirth. To do one is to realise my dream. This video should be shown to all pregnant mamas!

  65. Sarah

    Hi Lisa, thanks so much for this post. Do you have any suggestions for more reading on not cutting and clamping the first twin’s cord?

  66. Lana Kuykendall

    Oh, I sooo wish you were nearby. We were planning a homebirth, what I have Lways dreamed of, but when they discovered twins @ 20 weeks my midwife is. I longer legally allowed to attend me. :-( We are grateful that we are. Leased with 2 children but finding a provider we were even partially comfortable with has been a nightmare. We have found an OB about 3 hours away who will not “force” me to induce early or have a c-section as long as all 3 of us are healthy. My heart mourns for the loss of my homebirth and I am trying not to be fearful of my forced hospital birth. I wish there were more providers like you around!

  67. Heather Hazen

    AMAZING! Thank you for sharing!

  68. Glowbabies

    I am in Canada, BC to be specific and am having a crazy time being supported regarding a natural twin birth let alone a home birth. As woman pregnant with multiples I am deemed high risk immediately, Ive been told I have to deliver in a hospital with an OBGYN and I havent found a Midwife to work with me, :( not for lack of trying though! As I understand they are not “allowed” to do twin births? Here midwives are now covered by health care, which is great. Doulas are not. I cant even deliver in my home town hospital, it has to be Vancouver. Which I think is so disappointing. I have also been told I have to have an epidural, and my partner, (being a physiotherapist) is of course leaning towards the “safest” options that everyone has been fear mongering us with. I feel frustrated and sad that I have to fight for the right to even be heard and trusted to have the chance to deliver naturally. I know I can do it, I am strong and in tune with my body, I am not so stubborn as to avoid medical treatment or endanger the babies or myself, I feel like I just want the chance! And I want the support that I can do it. I know I dont have the energy to start a revolt and completely fight the system while being preggos with two, I would like the pregnancy to be peaceful and positive as possible. I guess I was wondering if you have any ideas on how to make the hospital birth as natural as possible, any Canadian contacts or information on natural birth benefits for Dads? :)

    AND BLESS YOUR COTTON SOCKS for being so strong, wise and awesome. Thank you for doing what you do and doing it so well. Please pass on a thank you to the family in the video, they have given such a momentous gift to those going through one of lifes most amazing cycles.

    1. gms

      Hi Glowbabies. If it’s okay for me to respond to this queston, I think you could start with Gloria Lemay for information and possible referrals, if needed. http://www.glorialemay.com/blog/ She’s in Vancouver, BC. Good luck to all of you.

  69. robert

    Are your twins identical or fraternal.

  70. Teresa Arnold

    Are there any advantages to a diagnostic ultrasound? After the birth of the first twin is there a method to tell if the babies shared a placenta or if there are two seperate placentas? As long as baby number two has good heart tones can the second baby wait? Doctor says with one placenta she would wait a couple hours in between babies and feel fine. With two placentas she would wait as long as needed. If it time for baby number two and baby needs some assistance, would a change in position and stimulation usually help baby number two.If more action is needed do i need a shot in the arm to get my contractions moving along? I am prepared for more interventions, as needed, but I do not want to pre-empt a potentially great birth with another doc and their ultrasound. For some reason my naturopathic lady homebirth doctor feels an ultrasound at thirty three weeks pregnant would comfort her assistant. She seemed respectful, until now, of my choice to not receive an ultrasound on pregnancy number three of healthy babies. I do not want the side effects and interventions and interpretations of the whole package of an ultrasound. Our first two home births were healthy with no interventions. Pre-pregnancy I was one inch below six feet tall and 158 pounds. Can you give me a 33 week girth measurement for twins? My fundal height is 37 or 38 inches. One twin is now in position, with her head engaged. Other twin is vertex most of the time. Thanks for your time and experience.The more educated I am, the better the response of my doctor when my husband and I next see her five days from now. We were contacted via e-mail that we should have an ultrasound eventhough I was at the office in person a week ago and she got tears in her eyes when I told her the negative testimonials from family who were given inaccurate interpretations of their ultrasounds. I did my due diligence and called for prices and set up an appointment… Any solid web info and sites about twin home birth will help our side. Thanks and good days to you and yours

  71. Shannon Lee Wolf

    My name is Shannon Lee Wolf, and I am the founder of “Caul Bearers United – Lifting the Veil”. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful caul birth! It’s the first I’ve seen with twins…how very exciting. For this child’s parents…do you notice any caul bearer traits in your little second born?

    My website has all of the information you ever wanted to know about caul bearers, and all are welcome to drop by!
    Many Blessings, Shannon