5 responses to “Birthing Choices – Dr Brett Hill”

  1. Kel

    i cant believe we missed this piece… i hope you wrote a brilliant supportive letter to editor in response?

  2. Lisa Barrett

    I missed it too initially. There is hope for us though if this is getting in the paper.

  3. Dr Brett Hill

    I’m glad you enjoyed it Lisa. I will tr to get some stuff into my Independant Weekly and Adelaide Magazine columns when I get a chance.

  4. Amy HBACer

    What a fantastic article!! I almost fell off my chair when i read it. It’s well written and presents the options as actual options, rather than “some women do this, but…” Well done to Dr Brett and the Adelaide Hills Courier.

  5. Louise

    Thanks Dr Hill for reaffirming my reasons for saying no to dopplers and having a homebirth. Please do try to get it in to the Independent Weekly and Adelaide Magazine, there are so many women out there who need to hear from medical practitioners that this is a safe option, not just an alternative.