6 responses to “Children At Homebirth”

  1. mommymichael

    I loved having my 15 mo at his brother’s home birth. It really helped keep the love juices flowing.

  2. slh35661

    This is a sweet post. I loved the pics of the bigger brothers/sisters helping mom. I wish we had a way to keep this family feeling in my hospital setting too, but institutions are institutions. The few times I have had a family come in with mom to have a baby it was such a wonderful and joyous experience.

  3. job77

    When my son was born (at home), we planned on having our 2 year old daughter there for the birth. However, all she wanted to do while I was in labor was splash in the birth pool, which was a distraction to me. So we sent her off to play with friends, and a couple hours after the birth, she came back home to meet her new brother. She was only out of the house for about four hours total.

  4. Amy HBACer

    I really loved the family atmosphere that was created by having my 2.5yo daughter around during my labour. (She’s the blondie in the first 2 photos – Thanks for putting them up, Lisa, she’s very excited to see herself on the computer!)

    I really like the 2nd photo. I had a CD of songs playing and I was singing through the contractions in the early part of 1st stage labour. My daughter came over, climbed up on the stool, stroked my hair, kissed my head and sang along with me. It was magical, something i will treasure.

    Although she fell asleep and wasn’t present for the actual birth of her sister, I am so glad that she was a part of the process. And she’s pleased that she knows where her sister came from – she tells lots of people “Naomi come out mummy’s fanny” like it’s the most natural thing ever!

  5. Rose

    Lilly laughed so hard when she saw that pic of J.J!!!!
    Having her involved at our next birth is something were really looking forward to. It will be very special indeed.

  6. potty mouth mama

    Oh – these are such gorgeous shots. I really wanted our 2.5 year old to be present at the birth of our second child, but sadly didn’t have anyone to look after him that I felt comfortable with at the birth.. Next time!! I am so happy to have read this post – thank you!