3 responses to “Comments On Lotus Birthing”

  1. Starlight

    Fascinating stuff Grant! Thanks for posting it. More and more I am really amazed at the growing awareness of instinctual life and the profound awakening that it appears to be inducing in me.
    I am very grateful to all you people who bring these tidbits to the awareness of the ‘common herd’

  2. S

    Really interesting stuff :) Lotus birth is something that resonates strongly with my partner and I, but we often struggled to explain it to people. These comments help to give our senses words. Thanks.

  3. slh35661

    With regards to Lotus birthing I have always had this question though. If it were the “natural” thing, and let’s assume this is what early humans might have done, would this have attracted wild animals to come and try to attack the young newborn? I mean it smells like blood and meat, so I can imagine if you lived in dwellings that were outside this might attract carniverous animals to your home or encampment. So then I have to ask is this was we humans were supposed to do is wait for this to drop off? Other mammals eat the placenta. Is that what early humans did? Or did we take this and bury it away from the camp? This is not a snarky comment, it is a true question I have pondered. Any thoughts out there?