8 responses to “Study Session Week Two – Indoctrination”

  1. Dr Brett Hill

    I always find it interesting that people often see in others what they know to be true of themselves Lisa.

  2. Radical Midwife

    I’m all for indoctrination if it’s the sort you’re being accused of! lol. I wish I weren’t in a different country; I would love to come to all of your study sessions!

  3. Sarah Stewart

    Complete change of subject (sorry about that): just wanted to thank you very much for popping by my CEO’s blog. He emailed me to say how thrilled he was to see your comment and the others. cheers Sarah

  4. midwife of the plains

    Ohhhhhh. How I wish I were in your part of the world to be indoctrinated and to indoctrinate. I agree w/ Dr. Brett entirely. Shine on Lisa.

  5. mystic mazz

    Hi Lisa I laughed out loud at your lost car story. I don’t feel such an idiot now that I realise it may be a widespread occurence.
    Thanks for popping in to my blog.

  6. Joy Johnston

    Lisa I wonder if you are actually deprogramming or undoctinating (if that’s a word) rather than indoctrinating?

  7. Lisa Barrett

    I hope so Joy.

  8. Lisa Barrett

    Thanks a bunch mystic Mazz now everyone will click on the link to read all about it. I told you not to tell anyone LOL. Loved your blog looking forward to more stories I can relate to in my other life as a human being. xx