3 responses to “Study Sessions”

  1. Joy Johnston

    I’ll be watching your blog to see how this program progresses Lisa. I think there is a huge need in the midwifery community for enhancing a midwife’s identity, and becoming more confident in working in harmony with normal processes in birthing and nurturing babies.
    with my best wishes, Joy Johnston

  2. Emunah

    Lisa , could I inquire as to the name of the video you watched. I am gathering with a group of doulas and midwives here who would be intersted it something like that.

    Lisa Wass

  3. Lisa Barrett

    Hi, It is a Chiropractic video actually. Called Birth Trauma A modern Epidemic The first subluxation. The first 10 mins is the birth stuff and then it is for chiros. It’s amazingly graphic considering they are all normal births.