6 responses to “Amniotomy”

  1. midwifemuse

    I know that I’ve read some research somewhere which concluded that ARM only reduced the duration of labour by 30 minutes but increased the pain experienced by the women and resulted in increased use of analgesia.

  2. Kel

    probably because ‘good clinical reasons’ occour frequently. until education practices change all those reasons individual practitioners use to justify their practice will continue to be employed.

  3. Lisa Barrett

    Thanks Kel I found the wording of that typical of the medical establishment. You can get away with so much if you mention the worlds “a clinical reason”

    Midwife muse it’s difficult to understand in a trial of any kind how 30 mins could be seen as a statical difference. Now I’m sure if that was 30 mins longer it would soon be eaten up in the general blub.

  4. Carolyn

    I am not a fan of interfering in the normal birth process without good reason. I wanted to share an anecdote of one benefit of intact membranes.
    Many years ago a woman with intact membranes, bulging and full of liquor, protruding from the vulva. Baby’s head floated down into this bag of water in a face presentation, good sized baby, about 3.5kg from memory. After the baby was born there was none of the usual features of face presentation, no swelling of the mouth or eyes, no problems with feeding. I am convinced that the membranes took the pressure off the presenting part and prevented these problems.
    I believe that intact membranes can offer some buffering to the presenting part and probably reduce discomfort for the baby during birth.

  5. Danstar

    Hi I just wanted to share that my membranes were ruptured after a very long labour at home and I really felt this was a turning point in my labour. Whether mentally it assissted me and then physically who can really tell, but my labour came on beautifully after not progressing too quickly. My little boy was born by memory probably 5 or so hours later! It was a really beneficial process for me! Thanks Lisa

  6. Randi Haley

    Breaking the waters is invasive. I waited for it to occur naturally, 7 months ago(in other words. recent memory).
    The rythm of my natural birth came to life int the six or seven contractions that led up to the natural breaking of the waters. Music in the background and my doula’s gentle and insightful hands on my shoulders and lower back and,leaning on a birth ball. About an hour later, my midwife came in and my son came out “smooth as butter” with a perfect face,10 APGAR. I can’t stress enough how much I feel that ease in labor was a result of allowing the natural process to occur.