9 responses to “Final Independent Midwifery Workshop”

  1. Lucina Bubner

    Wow, great photos Lisa! :P

    Seriously, thank you so much for doing these workshops, they were brilliant! Also it was a fantastic opportunity to expose holistic midwifery care to some current midwifery students who are at risk of never learning about the art of midwifery just the medicalisation of it.

    You are an inspiration to us all – women, mothers, midwives, students. Thank you for being true to yourself and true to birth.

    Bless you, you gorgeous woman.

  2. Lisa Barrett

    OOPS I forgot to say Luci took the pictures, Thanks Love.xx

  3. Grant Horsfall

    Hi Lisa,

    What is the orange/yellow powder, tumeric?

    Is it to help with the prints or for something else?


  4. Lisa Barrett

    It’s Tumeric and that was to add colour as one of the placentae had been frozen and they are usually more watery and difficult to print.

  5. midwife of the plains

    I wish I were in your part of the world and able to attend these fabulous workshops.
    Now I have a question. On average, how long does it take for the placenta to be born in a physiological 3rd stage? I feel this lore is lost due to the active management everywhere.
    Thanks Lisa.

  6. Lisa Barrett

    Hi, placenta can take anything from few mins to a few hours. As long as there is no bleeding and the woman is well you can just wait.

  7. slh35661

    I have had this philosophy of just letting the placenta come out when it is good and ready. One time I got talked into trying active mgmt where you start pitocin IV just after the baby delivers. I knew it wasn’t right in the pit of my stomach, but I got talked into as I said. Wouldn’t you know it, the cervix clamped down on that placenta and trapped it. I had to go in and manually remove it. That was the end of my active mgmt of the placenta. I told the person who talked me into the active mgmt I thought it was crazy to do that and I was just going to let the woman’s body let go of that thing when it was good and ready. I havnen’t had that problem again, and the reasons for any hemorrhaging I have had have nothing to do with placental management! So amen sista.
    P.S. love your blog!

  8. Emma

    Hi Lisa,
    Just wondering about the NZ research – I wonder what percentage of these women had no pitocin/syntocinon or any other drugs in labour, and STILL went on to have a physiologic 3rd stage. IE, did they manage to have a natural 3rd stage even in spite of earlier pitocin/other drug use ? Were they truly allowed free “choice” in the matter ? In North America, active management is the norm, absolutely, if only because of the high use of pitocin and other narcotics in labour. I wonder if in NZ, the rates of use of pitcon augmentation, etc. are much lower than here, where having a physiologic 3rd stage is actually contraindicated, if you’ve had any of the above…

    Thanks in advance for any light you you can shed.

  9. Lisa Barrett

    Hi, I’m not in New Zealand myself but have made a few enquires re your question. I’ll get back to you.