2 responses to “Government Reform for Midwifery”

  1. Baby Keeper

    Great blog and I totally agree with the need for healthy debate. So much so I am doing a film about it.

    I want to share the trailer for my new birth film for fathers about where birth is safest for the baby…


    I hope you’ll check it out, be inspired by it personally, and pass along the link …


  2. Grant Horsfall


    Baby keeper's youtube link didn't work for me. However the 10 minute clip for "The Other Side Of The Glass" is the first clip on her website.

    The premise of the clip applies equally well to all those attending birth, not just the fathers that it is directed towards. ie that babies consciousness exists prior to birth & they have awareness of their birth process & what goes on around them, including what happens directly to them. With the implication that they potentially carry these experiences forward just like the rest of us.

    Not a new idea to me, but obviously is to many others.