Mucking Out – Beware Not A Birth Post

After the longest labour with the most determined woman we finally had a baby. I am in awe of the shear strength and determination of women.

So after days of no sleep and aerobic positions what did I have to do? MUCK OUT the horse stalls after the week long Adelaide show. The Mt Lofty Scouts (my husband is one of the leaders) do this every year for the grand total of $6,000. It’s mega money for the troop, but I think I should get a cut. Fuck it’s hard work.

Notice my birth bus in the background

Notice my fantastic birth bus in the background


One response to “Mucking Out – Beware Not A Birth Post”

  1. jennifairy

    Great work – just think of all those lovely gardens that will benefit from your (and the horses’) hard work! Do the Scouts sell it?