18 responses to “Rebozo – The Action Shots”

  1. Olya

    May I ask what this was done for? I tried to listen but couldn’t hear very well… My guess would be turning a posterior baby, judging by the way of how you try to keep the mom turning to one side, and because this reminds me of how I turned my posterior baby while sitting on the excersize ball and moving to one side. It was completely by instinct without ever hearing of doing it that way, but it did the trick for me :) (you can see it in the first part of my birth video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qriqhDFo088 )

    1. Denim

      That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for cotrnuibting.

  2. Lisa Barrett

    Hi there, Yes this was to turn a posterior baby. It can be used for a whole range of things though, turning a breech, if your stuck in your labour. Prolapse. The Mexican’s use it extensively.

  3. Joy Johnston

    I haven’t used this technique, but from seeing this video I think it makes sense. I encourage lots of movement, whatever way a woman can do it. Sometimes walking with exaggerated movements; going up and down stairs; using the exercise ball; belly dancing … Often when I watch a (not very confident) labouring woman as she rocks and moves while standing, there’s more movement in her ankles than in her pelvis.
    Thanks for posting this video. Joy J

  4. Carolyn

    Thanks to all involved for sharing this. It is fantastic to be able to see something like this being done in practice. It would be great to know a bit more about how this helped in this particular situation. Was the baby posterior before this process and had it changed following this? Was the woman in labour during this?
    So good to see, this helps to make the process a bit more understandable and possibly worth trying. As with others I have recommended variations on this in the past, hip sway, dancing, using birth ball or birth rocker, hand and knees rocking, up and own stairs etc.

  5. Lisa Barrett

    Hi Carolyn, thanks for the feedback. the woman wasn’t in labour and if I remember rightly she was quite close to birth. Her baby was posterior, it had been breech and she’d had the Webster technique done, then the baby remained posterior. this definitely turned the baby into an anterior position and she had a seamless and quick birth. It was her third baby.

  6. Julie

    That’s awesome Lisa, that the rebozo worked so well to help a posterior bub turn. I’ve just been shown the rebozo and I love it! Have already started using it with clients.

  7. Lori Dupre Jackson

    I know this is an old post, but I used your video in March for my ds’s birth (my 5th). It took a day of mild labor before realizing that he was posterior and his position was causing delay. We used this video – did this technique – and he spent the next few contractions turning. I felt him do it! Went to sleep right after, and by 1:11am I was holding a BEAUTIFUL baby boy!

  8. Anonymous

    Hi, I am 32 weeks and my baby is posterior. I am having a UC. When should I begin using this Rebozo method and how long should I continue it? I appreciate any feedback! Thanks!

  9. Lisa Barrett

    Thats fantastic. I’m glad that it was of help.

  10. Lisa Barrett

    You can start it strait away do it daily until labour. You should do it for at long as you can at one time. Its hard work so until you are too tired to continue.
    Let us know how you go.
    Love Lisa

  11. Adele

    Thanks for posting this, I've never heard of it before but I'll be doing my research, there are so many OP labours these days!

  12. Naomi Bjorgan

    Could you explain the mechanics behind how the baby is turning using this method? With the mother on her back, wouldn’t that simply keep the baby in the back-heavy posterior position? Have you tried this with gentle rocking over the belly with mama in a hands and knees position?

    Also, did the mother complain of discomfort with such aggressive rocking?


    Naomi Bjorgan, CPM

  13. Naomi Bjorgan

    So do you find either position (mother supine or in hands and knees) equally effective? What is your preference?

    Sorry for the many questions. I’m fascinated by how rebozo has been so useful in labour. I used one technique for an asynclitic baby and was astounded at how quickly the woman’s body and baby responded, leading to a swift birth.

    Looking forward to your feedback once again :)


    Naomi Bjorgan, CPM

  14. Cin

    I would love to see the rebozo in action! will you have the video relinked anytime soon? :)

  15. Jennifer

    I’d love to see this video as well. My first baby was a very long posterior labor and my second is due in just a few weeks and is still posterior as well. I can’t find any good videos online or writeups that say or show how fast to sift. I’d love to see some Rebozo in action!