5 responses to “Coffee Morning”

  1. maria

    LOL that made me laugh sooo hard!!!!!
    Wonder what Amy will say about that! Giggle.

  2. Laura Jane

    Chuckling. A lot.

  3. Anonymous

    What, a freebirth in your house while you were at coffee morning? I have to go check that out.
    Now I would love to come again to coffee morning, really I would, but just too early for my tribe. You having a coffee afternoon anytime soon? Do let me know if you do.


  4. Dawn

    Hi Lisa Don’t know if you remember me but I interviewed you for a student midwifery assignment two years ago. Loved your free birth. Hope the babies are doing well.
    Would love to catch up soon may be after my finals. Are student/ nearly midwife’s allowed to coffee mornings?

  5. Lisa Barrett

    doesn’t time fly, 2 years ago already!! All are welcome at coffee, we usually have a number of students join us all. look forward to catching up