5 responses to “Homebirth and Doulas South Australia”

  1. Gloria Lemay

    Oh, I love those last minute births
    that come from the woman getting down to her truth. Even if the woman is in the hospital, she can still get up, go home, and call a midwife. It’s never too late to have a great birth!
    Gloria Lemay, Vancouver BC

  2. Rose

    just beautiful pictures!! they speak a thousand words of the courage of that woman and family. xoxo

  3. Tania

    Hi, for anyone interested Sarah Stewart a NZ midwife/lecturer is having a free online seminar using “eluminate” looking at Doula as one aspect of provision of maternity care for anyone involved in maternity and childbirth either as health professional

  4. brenda

    I couldn't agree with you more Lisa.
    I work with a fantastic Doula, we are Partners in our Home Birth Practice & she is priceless.
    I've learned so much about birth & being with women by seeing things from Robin's perspective that I am truly indebted & often humbled.
    Her life experience & worldy knowledge far exceed mine, the families & I love working with her.

  5. doulaangela

    This is what women want! To take back ownership of THEIR birth! Just beautiful!! Congratulations to the proud parents!! Well done Lisa and Natasha!!
    XX Angela