9 responses to “Homebirth Retreat”

  1. andi

    oh, how i wish i could go! it sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic time!

  2. kate

    wow! i’m so glad i live in adelaide. there with bells on!

  3. Naomi

    Can’t wait Yeeeeeeeeeeee!

  4. Kneelingwoman

    This is just beautiful Lisa! What a wonderful idea. I’m jealous…..

    Thank you for coming on over and posting a comment on my blog, too. I’m getting ready to finally do one of those “blogs I like” listing things on mine; I’ll add you straight away. Thank you.

  5. Lisa Barrett

    It is a lovely post kneeling woman. Often these moments come when we least expect them. Thanks for sharing that feeling, sometimes it’s hard to put them into words.

    It’s also nice to know that although lots of us don’t share the EXACT same philosophy we are essentially all on the same wave length with slight variations.

    I love supportive comments obviously, but I also like the comments that make us think, whether we agree or not. It’s nice to see who is reading the blog too.
    I just hate personal attacks.(smile)Although Dangerous midwife with a hero complex is an interesting point of view.

  6. Kneelingwoman

    I really wish you hadn’t taken my comments as an attack because they weren’t meant that way. Did I really make you feel “labled” that way? It wasn’t where I wanted to go. I just know that I’ve been in similar situations with births that suddenly go sideways and I have, myself, learned hard lessons about preparation and getting clear with myself (and clients) about what I’m prepared to do, or not do, with a particular birth. I may have had more than my share of clients who are “fence sitters” or folks’ who say that they are clear about wanting a hospital birth and then refuse, at the last minute, to get in the car and go. It is certainly possible that I read too much of my previous experiences into yours. Will you accept my apology for contributing to making you feel attacked?

    I think it’s also a fair observation to make that there are likely differences between how we practice in the U.S. and how you practice in Australia? We are NOT legally “in the clear” here; not 100% anyway. In my part of the country ( the Midwest ) many of us are still practicing iillegally and my own State is in the “grey” zone of lacking legal definition but not strictly illegal. As you probably know, our Medical authorities here in the U.S. are out to destroy homebirth midiwfery outright so, we are a somewhat skittish bunch here from time to time. I hope that helps in broadening your context of “me” but where I live; we can’t afford the freedom from fear that you have. I don’t fear birth; I fear the law and the possibility that I could end up prosecuted and jailed NOT even because of a bad outcome, but only because I’ve attended a birth at home. It can happen here and has happened several times in States surrounding mine. So, yes, many of us probably react differently to some situations but, in truth, I should have refrained from reacting at all; I regret the posting because it was clearly articulated in a way that offended; I do apologize!

  7. Lisa Barrett

    No malice intended from me either. I was branded such by the Lovely American blogger of Obstetric nature. I don’t take it to heart often.

    Australia is actually quite close to the US with only about 8% of women having a midwife. I am a British midwife and so trained in a totally different environment. I was taken aback when arriving here in 2003 on the horrific treatment women get. Not saying that the UK is perfect by any means, and is going down hill. When I trained in 1988 the section rate at the hospital was 9%
    Also it was compulsory to be a general nurse before doing midwifery at the time and I pracitced for 12 months at the international Spinal unit In london before becoming a midwife. I don’t really think you need nursing to be a midwife but I certainly helped my confidence.

    I am not sorry that you posted critically, I had the choice not to publish if I so wished. I think I was probably as tart in my reply as you ever were.

  8. Kneelingwoman

    So we are sisters again? I’m smiling…I hope you are. I really love your blog and I’ll keep coming over to read. You do a great “Midwifery” service with it alone; wonderful stuff here. Be well and Peace to you. Yours, Michelle.

  9. Lisa Barrett