2 responses to “Press Release.”

  1. Kel

    Yeah, Sandras a good woman. 4YI: party is this coming saturday!

  2. Billie

    Thanks for sharing that Lisa! It’s great to see people speaking out about such a serious matter.

    Obviously the option of caesarean is important in serious medical situations but these stats suggest they are being used far more frequently than is necessary (something I guess some of us already knew).

    My mother was at a hair dresser a few months back and somehow they got on the topic of mum’s home births. The woman was not only shocked that mum had us at home but just as shocked she had a natural birth!!! “Wow you’re so brave!! How amazing” She said, followed by “I could never even contemplate having children unless I knew I could have a caesarean!”. Mum was gob smacked!

    I understand that home birth is not for everyone but who on earth is telling these poor women that they’re not even capable of having a natural birth in a hospital?? What sorts of horror stories of pain and discomfort are being told to make these women think having major surgery would be less painful and risky? Although I have not had a Caesar myself, I have heard many women who have, express their concern about this rising trend.

    How sad that we have come to this. We live in a world where people are so conditioned to think they aren’t good enough, that they even think they are incapable of experiencing one of the most natural and normal life events.

    It was wonderful to meet you at the coffee morning and to meet so many other people for who birth is such a joyus and natural thing. As I said to you on the day, I always grew up thinking I was a little weird for being born at home…as much as I usually enjoy to be a bit different, it was also nice to finally be in a place where I was not “weird” at all. xo