7 responses to “Maternity Review – Push For Midwifery”

  1. rose

    LMFAO!!!! you’re awesome Lisa!!!

  2. Amy (HBACer)

    Great post, Lisa. Hopefully they actually listen to the submissions and do something to positively reform the maternity services provided to Australian women.

  3. Lauren

    Love the site Lisa, and the topics. Just my opinion though – maybe you could cut out the use of swear words? I know you’re passionate beyond belief, and frustrated by the majority of everyone else’s ignorance, but the second you use a swear word in an informative article, the validity goes straight down the drain. Even more important for people stumbling across your articles with open minds, and then to just be put off by an unnecessary swear word.

  4. Lisa Barrett

    Thanks Lauren, I’ll keep that in mind. However I am aware that I write mainly for my own amusement as much as for information.

    1. Sheilita

      tigtog: I can attest that there are pently of doctors who believe they are far less likely to be sued for vaginal bypass surgery whatever the outcome than for allowing birth. And they’re not necessarily always all that far off the mark, I think: over the past decade or so, there’s been a pretty strong societal idea that babies die because of vaginal birth, but in spite of intervention. (Substitute homebirth and hospital birth for similar ideas.) It’s the we did all we could effect.

  5. infomidwife

    Yes we live in hope that Nicola Roxon and co do listen to WOMEN. – continue to keep everyone informed with your blog.

    Wishing you all the best for the Festive Season Lisa and all the best for 2009

  6. Lisa Barrett

    Same to you.xxx