13 responses to “Birth Is An Art”

  1. sneetchgirl

    Beautiful and absolutely brilliant pics.

  2. Karinda


  3. Nat

    What a breathtaking sight! Out of curiosity, was the baby weighed at any stage? It looks like a big one and I just love love love hearing stories about “big” babies birthed naturally.

  4. Anonymous

    What incredible photos. Just beautiful!

  5. Sazz

    Absolutely divine! Thank-you to the gracious Mama for sharing these stunning images!

  6. Laura Jane

    Wow – what a photo!!! A rare snap of half-in/half-out.

    Birth certainly IS an art.

  7. Abundant B'earth

    lovely to see a baby coming out of an upright woman, at their own unique rhythm. i’m interning in Peru right now and most of the babies are literally yanked out of their mothers’ yonis. sheesh. thanks for holding the space for normal birth!

  8. Ries

    This moment so beautifully captured!!! imagine this child seeing these in years to come. Powerful and very empowering if baby is a girl, or boy who wants to support his partner!!
    I have had two ‘obstetric on my back’ births, one standing birth and two water births, and, thinking of having another family member has only been delayed because i am still terrified of birthing without water, due to my experiences. these beautiful pics make me want to do it all again, land or sea! there is a joy and peace about them, and mum is a hero for revealling such a private and precious moment. thankyou!

  9. Niki

    What lovely pictures! I am so glad you got permission to show us these.

  10. (Un?)touchable

    Such breathtaking photos! Thank you for publishing them, and thank you to the mama for her willingness to share them.

    I’m curious: Was the baby weighed? Could be just the angle of the photo but it seems quite big to me and I loooove hearing stories of “big” babies birthed naturally.

  11. Lisa Barrett

    It’s the angle of the picture. Baby weighed 7lb. I was lucky enough to be with a woman 3 weeks ago who was a VBAC and homebirthed a lovely 10lber

  12. fijimama

    Amazing! I love what you said about giving the moment of birth careful thought.

  13. Ti

    Great pics!

    I am always appreciative to see lots of pics. My own homebirth, we barely had time. I am so glad that there are midwives out there that provide these services. My last baby was 10 pounds 4, and there was no hospital in the area that would let me give birth vaginally. She was born in a 20 minute labor, where the midwife barely had time to get here!