3 responses to “Birth Of The Placenta”

  1. womantowomancbe

    Yeah, I’d probably look at my placenta that way too. ;-)

    I’m glad that you let your clients stay in the water as long as they want. In my waterbirth (first birth), the midwife had me get out soon after the baby was born and well before the placenta came out. She had told me prior to the birth that she’d want me to do this — so that she could more accurately assess blood loss; but I would have preferred to stay in the water and just relax with the baby for a while. Still, it wasn’t too big of a deal to move the relaxation to the bed; and I *did* end up losing a lot of blood, needing a shot of Pitocin (and almost fainting due to blood loss when I went to the bathroom a half-hour or so later).


  2. bonniekate

    the look on her face was funny!! I always think that the placenta was just so neat! (even tho it is kind of gross..)

  3. Cryptic Automaton

    Nice video, that bit of a water birth is easily overlooked. Yes she looks quite disgusted, but who can blame her, perhaps it was going to be breakfast? I can honestly say eating one of those nourishing meals wouldn’t appeal to me. I suppose it could work if it was ground up and served in spaghetti bolognese, but if it was simply slapped on the BBQ and served between a giant bread roll… Um no thanks. No matter how much BBQ sauce! Lisa, can I suggest a recipe section to your blog?

    Of course some men share the birth pool with their partner. I think I could do that. Sure, I’d grimace in the bloody water particularly at the sight of the placenta. But if a turd was to bob up from the depths I’d be outta there. Love and dedication do have limits you know!