3 responses to “Breast Is Most Definitely Best”

  1. andi

    i also cringe at the highly technical spin some like to put on breastfeeding. it just isn’t that big of a deal. i was seen by a lactation consultant in the hospital with my first baby, and she did nothing but make me doubt my ability to nurse. she made it out to be very scientific and rigid, and as a result, i lost confidence in myself and switched to formula at 3 weeks.

    flash forward to my homebirth. no interference, no one telling me i had to do things a certain way, just letting nature take its course, the way it’s meant to be. we nursed till 18 months when she self-weaned. ta da!

  2. Nat

    Before DD was born, I thought “Got breasts, will breastfeed. What’s the big deal?” Then she was born in a totally screwed up hospital birth and I had quite a bit of trouble getting the hang of it. Lots of tears, lots of angst, no confidence at all. There was a conflict going on in my head: The way I was totally disrespected and undermined during the birth made me believe I was probably going to “fail” at breastfeeding too, but at the same time I was determined not to let them take bf away from me after they’d robbed me so systematically of the birth. I wonder if most women experience such a lack of confidence with breastfeeding not only because formula is (apparently) so good these days, and all these other women before them had so much trouble, and really it all just comes down to their personal choice anyway (right?), but because any glimmer of confidence they had in their body’s ability to just do what comes naturally is shot to pieces by their experience of birth. Having said that I know of women who have had fabulous homebirths who also struggled to establish breastfeeding. It’s a fascinating subject.

    Great article too. Go booby juice! Yeah baby!

  3. Dr Brett

    As previosuly mentioned one factor that can reuce the incidence of breast feeding can be a difficult or traumatic birth. It can effect the babies ability to turn its head or attach and suck effectively. If you think this may be an issue consider getting a chiropractic check up for your child.