6 responses to “Obs Bleating As They Get Scared For Their Pockets”

  1. Emsi

    Bloody hell this makes me mad. Scaremongering at its absolute best! And so far from the actual truth for women in New Zealand. Thanks Lisa for highlighting again the injustices.

  2. whatsername

    Seeing women standing up and testifying to how important this option is in Aus gives me hope maybe we will soon be doing the same here in the U.S.

  3. infomidwife

    same ol same ol, things said over and over again. When obstetricians feel threatened, they go on the attack of the midwife. What we want is collabrative care – Midwives looking after low risk women and refering to obstetricians when needed – it’s not difficult.
    Waiting with bated breath for the release of Roxon’s report.

  4. Lisa Barrett

    What we want is to look after women of all risk and collaborate surrounding women with complex pregnancies. We also want women’s choice to be honoured regardless to risk.

  5. Dr Brett

    ”Government-forced midwife care excluded better qualified and experienced general practitioners from maternity care,” Mourik said. HA, what a joke. Show me one GP who is better qualified and more experienced than Lisa!!

  6. Rebecca

    Just want you to know there is hope! In Alberta (Canada) women, their families, and midwives worked for nearly 30 years to get midwifery covered. It finally happens this year! Yeah. Homebirths included. Check out Birth Issues for more info.